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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:30 pm 
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So im a newbie to game. Not terrible with women by any means no pua either. I hope to start posting more of my interactions so I can learn about what im doing right/wrong and get some advice. Last night I went to a small bar in Montana where I live. Things were pretty lively considering it was Friday night. Upon arriving I see what appears to be a cute brunnette girl with glasses waitress dancing. I say to her I like your dance moves with a smile and she says thanks and scurries away. Was there with a couple of my friends and we head to the bar and order some food and get a drink. After a little while I ask the bartender who happens to be my friends ex if that girl works there? She said that yes she did and that she was "on the prowl" and then asked if id like to meet her. Being me with shit running through my head I said "maybe in a bit" the bartender said okay and about a couple minutes later she brings her over and introduces me. I smile alot and converse throw a little game I know in there say she "looks like trouble" classic todd v line and things go good. She goes back to working and not long after megan the bartender over and says she thinks im "super hot" so I go about my business eat half my meal and have another drink or two. To shorten things up a bit I end up talking to her for a bit, I get her number she buys me a shot and tells me to meet her and her group/friends downtown. After I leave we head down there, my friend and I. When we get there shes already there,which was surprising, but fine. I introduce myself to the group and the "alpha" actually a dude I already knew and am cool with. She had already told him beforehand I was the "hot guy" and hes got a girl at home so hes no threat. Lauren( the target) and I vibe a bit, I bullshit with the other members of her group for awhile, and then they say theyre gonna go to a different bar and honestly prob do some lines in between. They already had a fairly large group and didnt want to impose and the MAIN reason I didnt go is be ause I didnt want to seem like I was following her around. I felt like that would a 100% beta make move. So my friend I stayed at the bar for a bit then ventured out to different bars. I didnt run into her again that night, and my question is; Did I do the right thing or should have stuck around with them knowing she was interested?

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