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* Date 1: Metal in my mouth and a foreign chick by my side *

I'll start today off with my travel from San Diego to Tijuana. The first time I came here I came with a girl from TJ that lived in SD. I remember the first thing she told me was that she did not expect me to be as pale as I was lol. I quickly killed that possible relationship by asking her "how my little chimichanga was doing" the day after the date Anyways it's my 2nd time back in TJ to get braces for my teeth which are near perfect except for 2 gaps by my canines for a whopping $300. The dentist was amazing btw. He soon thereafter sent me across the street to get x-rays and teeth molding. As soon as I get called in I see this little 4'11 / 90lb white mexican girl with the most innocent and beautiful smile. She had that virgin look but was totally confident in the way she carried herself. The very second I saw her I knew that I was going all out for a close. So after some joking around despite the little english she knows and little spanish I know it comes time for the molding.

She sticks it in my mouth and after a few seconds I start to gag.....and then convulse...and then right when I'm about to throw up she sees my struggle and decides I've had enough and releases it out of pure sympathy as I'm red in the face with slobber dripping down my chin. After the torture was over I ask her to show me what a mexico I.D. looks like and I quickly verify she's of age turning 20 soon. I tell her I'm trying to learn Spanish in which she replies "me too!". I'm like great I learn best over a meal so let's go out sometime and I get her insta. Instagram closes are always a 100% close rate and you can show off who you are with your pics it's wayyy better than a # trust me on this one. So we head out hours later to walk the town and was going to a restaurant where the Caesar salad was made which is right down the alley from the largest prostitution alley in all of mexico where literally hundreds of women in a line down the sidewalks many at middle school age, how sad and disgusting (Sorry but TJ is a sh*t hole). She takes me to another place and I attempt to eat spaghetti with my new braces I barely ate 1/4 of my plate. Halfway through the meal the conversation gets deeper after she tells me how she's in college taking nutrition and medical classes and I tell her through google translate how I was adopted and rescued from an abusive family and injured from the military and her eyes are swelling up about to start dropping tears. I don't think my story is that big of a deal but maybe innocent looking girls are naive to the realities of the world which might explain her unexpected tears. She did work in a very high end dental place for Tijuana's standards and seem to dress nice so at this point I'm guessing she's one of the few families that has money in TJ and maybe sheltered from the realities of her environment....maybe I'm wrong idk.

We end the night walking the plaza looking at christmas lights, I pick her up with one arm and sit her on my bicep and lift her in the air. She loves this and I do too since I feel like the hulk since she's super tiny and I'm only 5'9 /145lbs. Reminds me of those girls in tiny4k ( don't act like yall don't know what that site is ) So I drop her off at the underground mall parking give her a hug so big my f'ing arm wraps around her so much that it touches my own back....god damn I love tiny girls lol. Right after I hug her I notice she has tears in her eye again and I'm a little confused why she would be this into me after knowing each other for only 3 hours. Well it's the the end of the day and after trying to navigate TJ with all the street and speed limit signs in spanish and kilometers I turn a 10 minute ride home into 1 hour to get to the border...oh and if you didn't know there's little one lane highways that can barely fit 1 car in it's single lane that have zero railings or curbs to protect you from driving off the cliff not to mention there's almost no lanes or rules when driving in TJ since the cartel control the laws of the land. So I get to the border and I try asking the gate guard if it's cool if I bring steroids back with a prescription next time and what other things I can bring which wins me a VIP all exclusive pass to secondary inspection. Luckily I get a hot mexican milf so I stare at her butt the whole time she's inspecting my car....thank god for eye candy. I walk over to a male guard in attempt to ask him stupid and offensive questions to pass the time and as I'm walking towards him and he then quickly shouts at me to take my hand out of my pocket and is on my ass like stink on a turd giving me a pat down. I quietly mumble to myself "damn I had to at least pay a few dollars at the strip club to get this kind of hands on action" lol I wish I would of looked him dead in the eye and said it. Well...there's always tomorrow lol. So I head to my current home at the time in San Diego which is the day I'm supposed to leave to LA and the new roommate is sleeping on the couch. The old bi-polar stoner drunk roomate finds out he's sleeping on the couch and flips out and breaks his door since he's drunk and bipolar screaming that I should of been moved out already. He seems to not care I was held up a few extra hours in from getting lost and at secondary inspection and expects me to drive 2,5 hours to la at 1 am but I don't care and pass out anyways. So with some metal in my mouth for 300 bucks and a date with a foreign chick by my side that costed only a few bucks, damn now that's what I call how to get two birds with one stone.

It's no over until the fat lady sings.

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Sounds great. Id highly advise gunwitch method. Otherwise, keep looking for the closing like youre ready make a big commission on selling a lambo. You have to lay it by the end of the night. Later.

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