Importance of comfort building/friendzone protectors on SNL

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:52 pm 
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My gf and I went to a club last night. Tons of cool costumes, a DJ, and a lot of 8/9/10 fit, younger women.

Our plan was to have a good time, and if we saw anyone we wanted to hook up with, we'd go for it.

I'm sitting at a table next to the dance floor with my gf (who has a purple wig on), and we're talking. I see two extremely attractive women cozy up to the table, a black haired girl, and a blonde, one dressed as a cat, the other a hooker. Extremely attractive women, maybe 25, give or take a year. Fit as fuck.

I noticed the black haired girl checking me out. So I follow the always outstanding advice of direct eye contact, and don't be the first one to break away.

This is an outstanding seduction technique.

It tells a woman, right away, you're a dominant male without saying a word, and it sets a wonderful precedent.

the girl keeps eye fucking me, as my gf is standing right next to me. In fact, she smirks, and I know she's getting off on eye fucking me with my girl right there. This tells me right away she's my type - freaky and sex positive.

I tell my gf that these two are down to fuck, and she says "I got this". I tell her "It's all you. Let's see if you can pull this off."

My gf taps the blonde on the shoulder and starts chatting her. After five minutes, they get close, real close, and the blonde is touching my gf's arm. The dark haired girl comes over, introduces herself to my gf and me, eyeing us like we're meat. At this point, my gf just goes right for the invite: "Hey, we're after partying at my place. You're welcome to end your night there."

The blonder confers with her friend, they both nod YES, and the blonde immediately hands her phone to my gf, who then inputs her number.

At this point, we're all really close to each other, and there's an intense physical vibe between four people.

Then, a "protector friend-zone" guy comes over, points at me, and starts yapping with the dark haired girl. She starts debating with him about something.

However, I'm still letting my gf manage the situation, just to see what she can do. she hugs the blonde, and the blonde says "see you later tonight" and kisses my gf.

My gf, thinking she has this in the bag, turns to me and says "now we leave. They're coming over."

All kinds of alarms are going off in my head, but I remember I gave her control.

And of course, the two never showed up.

There is a wealth of great information on this forum about same night lay, or same day lay game. And while my gf did a nice job sexualizing things right away, and being congruent with her desires, where she went wrong was the follow-through.

We needed to stay longer. We needed to nurture what was happening until the bars closed, in a way that improved comfort, but also in a way that neutralized the friend-zone orbiter who was telling the girls not to go home with us.

On same day lays, getting the number and walking off is not good enough. It works for dates only. You need to remain at the bar/club, and see things through to their logical conclusion.

Regardless, it was an amazing night. But it could've been more amazing. Halloween is always outstanding for next level good times. People are just out there looking for it.

I'm reminded of this scene from Glen Garry, Glen Ross. Amazing times are out there, waiting for you to take them. A lot of women want a crazy, fun time. Are you man enough to take it?

A.B.C. = always be closing.

Pickup coach. PM for direct, simple coaching.

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Can we be honest?

We want your email address. Let me send you the best seduction techniques ever devised... because they are really good.