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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:00 am 
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Journal Entry
March 15 2017 Time: 2330
Waitress Name & Age: Susan(?); Angelica(23); Haley(18)
Target Name: Haley
Discription: Blonde; 5'9, Atletic Build(Long and Lean); Blue eyes;
Routines Used : Rings; Worst Pick up Line's; I can guess your number; Do you believe in energy?, The Mystery.
Prop's: Cards; Phone Calculator.
Game 1: I can guess your number.
Game 2: Do you believe in Energy?
Step 1: The start:
Walked into Hooters to meet my buddy,I sit down with him to have drinks and was introduced to our waitress, dont remember her name ,but I'll call her "Susan"
After cit-chatting, with our waitress, one of the other girls came over to sit with us(Angelica) I ran the "Ring Routine" on Susa,n but would not let Angelica hear what was being said to build curiousity..... blew "Susan" mind with how accurate my reading of her was.
Susan then procedded to tell Angelica that she just had to have me do my ring reading on her and that she could not believe how accurate my reading was.

After starting the set up for the ring routine with Angelica, our waitress Susan went to grab my target Haley to tell her that the guys from last time where here again, Haley saw us at our table from the oppisite side of the restaurant and came running over to us, and then give me a big hug and sit down with us.

step 2: the setup.
I told Haley that we we're going to play two games, one now and one later tonight, game one will require the calculator on your phone, but first, i want you to examine this deck of cards.
Me:Has it been opened?
Her: No.
Me: Good, take it and keepmit on you and put it in your pouch, we'll come back to this later.
Her: OK.

Step 3: The Hook
Me: We need your cell phone, we're going to use the calculator on it.
Her: Ok (Pulls out phone and opens calculator)
Me: Heres the game, im gonna guess the number you come up with and just to make it harder for me, im going to make it almost impossible for me to win, ok?
Her: ok, lets play.
Me: writes number down on napkin,(she cant see the number)
Me: Runs routine... ( I'll explain the routine in another post)
Her: writes down the number she comes up it.
Me: Ok, heres my number, hand me yours.
Her: Opens my napkin, looks at my number (It's wrong) laughs
Me: well of course it's wrong, think about the numbers i had you use, did you really think id get your number right? (while laughing)
Me: I just wanted your attention. (with big smile)
Her: awww (Kisses me on cheek)
Me: Now go make your money, you've been negelting your customers on the other side of the store. lol

Now she leaves, i prepare my secret routine while she's gone.

Step 4: The Catch:
After about 30 mins, she comes back over and wants to play the Energy game with the cards that she's been holding this whiole time.
I have her pull out the cards and inspect them again, and have one of the other girls also inspect the deck, they both agree its not been opened. (Deck has not been opened yet)
I have Haley take the deck, pick up a knife and open the deck, once she has the deck opened, i have her lay down cards and i'll pick out the cards that i think are important to her, and that i'll only pick 10 cards.
Her: Lays down cards one at a time
Me: picks out cards until i have 10 cards, gathers cards and I tell her to remove the rest of the cards.
Her: removes unused cards.
Me: Lays down first 3 cards, aske her if the numbers mean anything to her.
Her: No
Me: Lays down the next 4 cards down, anthing?
Her: No
Me: Lays down the last 3 cards, anything?
Her: No.
Me: ok, how about this, changes the order of cards so it looks like this (xxx-xxx-xxx)
Her....... (Still doesnt get it)
Her.......(Still doesnt get it)
Her: Jaw drops (Looks at me in disbelive)
Me: well?
Her: How did you do that (stunned)
Me: Magic.
Me: Slides phone over with her number already in phone.... you now have two options.
Me: Option 1, you add a picture to your number, or option 2, you delete your number.
Her: takes picture with my phone and saves it.
Me: So what is the best way someone has gotten your number? lol
Her: I hate you lol........
Me: remember this the next time a guy try's for your number, i just raised the bar.

My target had her mind blown and never found out how i pulled this Number Close, the other waitresses, were speechless and asked how i did this.
All i told them was simply " Dont you just love a mystery".

End Report.
The Harlequin.

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