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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:36 am 
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I'm going to start logging my results with pick up again.

These updates are going to be very to the point.

At the moment I am only doing daygame.

I live on the edge of my city and also work in the middle of my city so my logistics are awesome.

I mostly just pick up girls as I'm going about my life, most of the time solo, although I'm always open to chilling with guys.

Feel free to comment.


On Saturday I spot a slinky looking English/Asian girl in a clothes shop who catches my attention. I calibrate myself and she starts to leave up the escalator. I decide I'm going to make an approach. I wait until we're outside and then notice it's raining. She continues to walk and I can see that she's heading to walk under an area that's sheltered.

I realize that I can make a good approach in that moment, so I move around and stop her, and give her a direct compliment, I then move on to explaining how her white heels make her ass look sexy. She gets engaged rather quickly and I run a bit of charm, she brings up that she's kind of taken, I tell her that I am too. I tell her I live in the city and that I wouldn't mind meeting her one night if she's up for it. She goes for it and I take her number, tell her I'll text her, and move on my way.

I then spot another girl in the shopping mall. Who also happens to have a nice ass (get used to this). I calibrate another approach, direct as usual, and find out that she's at uni. After a bit of back and forth I feel she's not massively interested. She goes to leave and I go for the number, all to no avail. I move on to the next.

I approach a few more girls, with only one immediate blow out, the rest all hook, I go through a few girls that aren't interested and get a few more numbers.


Today I bump into a guy I know who does pick up and hang out for a bit. He's meeting another guy so I'm down to chill. I notice a blonde girl pass me by and make my usual approach. We get chatting and I find out she's from America here on business for the next few days.

Her IOI's are huge, and although I've got a shopping bag in my hand I think fuck it, and put the offer out there to get to know each other a little better... she's up for it and I lead things to a coffee shop that's just around the corner from my apartment (I don't usually do this as I usually text girls to meet directly at night to come to mine, but I was going to go for a SDL here).

The attraction and flirting is pretty strong between us. She compliments my directness saying that she likes it. We get onto a number of different topics, but the conversation is always light and flirty. She keeps dropping IOI's and after about 20-25mins we can both feel it's time to move on.

At this point I have one thing in mind and that's getting her back to my apartment. I lead things to a seated area which is situated 5 minutes from mine and bring in the escalation. Then I go for the kiss and she resists. I react calmly and ask her what she's doing tomorrow morning... turns out she has a meeting first thing and she's also jeglagged, but she mentions she's here until Wednesday and that Tuesday night would be the best time to see her again.

This kind of explains why she's resisting, yet I try one more time. I use a bit of persuasion, escalate a little more and invite her up to mine for a drink, although she says I'm very tempting, she insists that Tuesday would be the night, which makes sense.

At this point I realize that there is not much that I can do apart from make my offer and put the ball in her court. I say how's 7pm Tuesday... (A lot of the time with daygame pick ups, the girl will want to do something like this because it gives her time to get prepared for sex when she meets you next). She says 7.30pm, which is even better.

She says she needs to get back and we exchange contact info, and we arrange to meet at a specific place at 7.30, we have a light kiss and I head back to mine.

The place I've arranged to meet her at is 10 minutes from my apartment. So I don't give a fuck if she flakes.

I'll be updating this regularly.

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