BittyBangers Back, This is my story, again.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:17 am 
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Hey so I dicided to make a journal again. Last one i made was in 2014 when I was a virgin, and it got me laid in 10 days so I guess it worked for me. I guess you could call this thing im living with depression or something, but I'm tired of living my life the way i am, and maybe a PUA journal is my way to being a millionaire in 10 days? Who the fuck knows? I dont look at this pickup thing like a fucking pussy either so maybe a year down the road when this thread is 20 pages long, itll make for a good read and James cameron will let me star as me in his movie. Hahah shiiiet jk im not that naive. Noones gonna care what i have to say... Except maybe virgins desperately searching for that one line they can drop thatll have average whores running off in the sunset with them.

So uhhh yeah, im a dick, a loser, and im back. But i fuck hoes (: sometimes, rarely

Heres a lil timeline of my life as an adult.

2010: mw2, fuck i woulda gave all my 10 prestige levels away just to hear a girl in my bed yelling "fuck me harder SOAP" it just didnt happen. I was a high school gamervirgin.
2011: still a virgin jerking off on skype (stfu, bitches called me price) not quite what i wanted but itll have to do
2012: graduate highschool a virgin, wooo fcukin hooo this should be an interesting life
2013: move to montreal for a year cause my home town was lame, and they all knew i was a virgin. This virgin thing was really starting to kill me
2014: move to montreal again because the first time didnt get me laid. Thats when i made this account. "Hi im bittybanger and im gonna find my dick a bew home". Thats exactly what i said that day and you guys can go read that thread if you wanna hear about my 10 days of constant cold approaches that unvirginified my pussy ass. Its called "I am BittyBanger, this is my story" for thise who want to read it. I really havent changed much in thise 3 years attitude wise.
2015: same old me, not a virgin. My friend snaked me for the only girl i ever "loved" (didnt even fuck her). So they ruined love for me and now i just see girls as total fucking hoes. best thing that couldve ever happened for my single life though. Only fucked 2 girl that year but hey, 2016 was dry for me man. I didnt even fuck one girl.

So here we are, so far ive ony fucked 3 girls this year, but what inspired me to join the PUgay life again wpuld probably be the fact that the last girl i fucked was getting drilled on a couch in the vip section of a bar. And yo i cant make this up, i didnt even say hi i just gave her like 2$ worth of coke. 2 fucking dollars!!!! Stay classy 2017

Anyways this journals gonna be more about life then just women, but I'm getting tired so ill just leave you with this. You dont have to buy books and dvd's off these gurus to get laid man. And there is a magic line out there, its called cocaine.

Bittybanger ooooouuuuutty

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