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Starter weightlifting/ workout routine for muscle building.
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Author:  MdmaRns [ Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Starter weightlifting/ workout routine for muscle building.

Let me start out by saying anyone who wants to build muscle you need the following three things.
•Balanced diet, and workout schedule
•Enough sleep, and rest
•Most important of all MOTIVATION

Starter Workout Schedual
•Push-ups - Best overall upper body workout if your not able to access any gyms. Works triceps, front shoulders, chest and core.
•Pull-ups - Very good for Lats, biceps lower back and core
•Sit-ups - Good for overall body developement. Without a strong core you won't have the basic building blocks for overall strength
•Normal cardio - Good for health, Steady pace for long duration

Workout Splits
•Reason why people use splits - to have time to recover your muscles to the fullest and to get the best results.
Example- (My workout routine)
Monday- chest, triceps,shoulders
Tuesday- back, biceps, shoulders
Wednesday- legs, calves, abs
Thursday - biceps, triceps, cardio
Friday - cardio
"Note, this is if you have a gym membership, and also this is for more experienced people."

For starter split routines I suggest this
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Push-ups - 10 sets, 15 reps
Pull-ups - 10 sets, 6 reps
Sit-ups - 10 sets, 20 reps
"Note" if you can reach the amount of reps each set, bust out as much as many as you can.

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