Dating girl for 3 months - Transition to relationship?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:55 pm 
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I've been seeing this girl for 3 months now. We didn't tell eachother we're exclusive but we both told eachother we don't need anyone else.

Anyway I've been recieving some mixed signals last couple of weeks:

- She tells me I can sleep with other girls aslong as I use a condom and I tell her (I don't use one with her)
- She doesn't want a relationship

Next day:

- She asks me how I see us in the future, I tell her I don't see a future since she doesn't want a relationship
- I ask her what she wants, she tells me she's "Too afraid to answer from her side alone" and " I would only answer that question if I could answer it anonymously"

- After we had a small argument she tells me "I'm breaking up with you", I reply with "How can you break up with me, we're not even together!" to which she says: " I'm breaking up with you because you don't ask me to be in a relationship with me!"

She is also going out for dinner with a male friend of her on thursday (she has done this before with the same guy) and she has been acting shady about it, like she is afraid to tell me. She also texts with this guy on a daily basis even when she's with me but she doesn't try to hide this. (She claims it's a guy she has known for over 8 years and is just a friend of her)

Anyway, how should I continue if I want to have a monogamous relationship with this girl and how should I deal with her going out on dinner dates with this guy? I have been cheated on in my previous relationship so I can't help but be a little bit bothered by it.

Some notes:

- She is pretty hot so she gets hit on by a lot of guys.
- We basicly see eachother everyday and have sex everyday
- She gets very jealous/upset when I mention other girls
- We have been having little arguments lately and I feel that our relationship not being defined is the main reason of this

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