problems with gf, don't understand it. mixed signals.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:40 pm 
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i have a problem with my gf (3 months). first 2 months were great but the last month was awful. She's practically a neighbor. She's 26, i.m 29. In the last month we saw each other about 8 times, had sex in 4 of those times. She has encountered some problems at work (she called me crying from the office). Also, during the same period her parents visited her for 3 weeks and left with them on a holiday: 1st week, we saw eachother one evening had sex, but she went home and then with her parents on a trip. 2nd week we saw each other 2 times (1 time had sex) - she was agitated because her father's heart condition deteriorated, he needs surgery. We had sex. we were suposed to see eachother saturday but she said she's not feeling well and told me to wait for her answer (this was 1hour before the meet) and I, fed up with postponing told her that won't see each other that evening, she messaged me, called me and acted bitchy, then apologized through messaging but I stood firm and told her to see each other some other time. 3rd week: we met the next day, we talked about it. I apologized for being snapy. We were supossed to see eachother thursday when her parents left, but they postponed it another day. The next day I told that we needed to talk. she became very emotional on the phone, she was afraid of breaking up. We met, she told that her father is scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks, she inherited his condition, she had panic attacks lately adn contracted chicken pox. She became loving and cuddly, but i had to go somewhere, we spoke and established to met up later. She postponed it because i woke up early and she had an appointment to the psycologist the next day, she told me that we would meet the next day, she told me to be patient with her. Guess what? we talked, she told what her psychologist recommended her some exercises, walks and sleep. I asked asked jokinglyh where is she taking me out, she told that we couldn't meet because she had to do the recomendations and we wouldn't met if she wasn't ok. I texted back ok.

I feel a certain loss of interest, both sexual and emotional, although yesterday after we talked she was kissing me and hugging me. We are suposed to go on a holiday in couple of days. What do you think about it? What to do?

She wasn.t very communicative with these problems.
ps. in my sleep, on the last night we had sex, i told her that i loved her, she told me back. It may be an issue, but i don't think it's that important. She told me that she sees me as her husband, the father of her children, and maybe she did saw me like this.

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