She's getting distant & posting another guy on IG story

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:01 pm 
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Been seeing this girl for about 6 months. We hang out, goto dinner, have sex, once or twice a week. I'd say it's fairly intimate, we've taken a trip out of town together, cuddle alot etc. She popped the "am i your girlfriend" convo about 2 months ago to which I replied, 'Ive just gotten out of very long relationship and want to take things slow but you are special to me and I want to continue seeing you and see where things go" Overall, I would say the vibe is that she wants more of my time & commitment than I give to her, which is a position I've learned via 'game' to get into but it's seeming to make this girl get more distant instead of pursue harder.

In the beginning, she was doing all the pursuing, she was all over me, and almost every night she would hit me up to see where I am, and meet up with me. Sidenote: I work in nightlife so am out almost every night. Now, instead, she's going out partying other places, even when she knows Im working at a club that she could be at if she wanted to. She doesn't text me like she used to, however when I hit her up she will come over immediately if I ask her to. We recently went over a week where I didn't hear from her, so I held back and waited to see if she would pursue, went about 10 days, and I finally gave in and hit her up after work at 4AM one night cuz I saw she was online, and she came right over.

So we loosely talked about spending Halloween night together - tonight. But ironically, last night, she was posting on instagram story the whole night on what looked like a double date. It was her girlfriend & a guy who her gf is in an 'open relationship' with and some other dude who was wearing a f'ing mask. So she's posting all night of her doing the cheers with this mask guy, on the dancefloor, in the elevator, etc....

She knew she could've been at the place I was working if she wanted to, she brings her friends out to my spots often. Also she never ever posts anything with me in it on IG story or social media so this seemed unusual for her to do with anyone. She knows I was awake and at work at my club and saw her posting this.

My hunch is that she's trying to make me jealous and see what I do. I wouldn't be too surprised if she ended up hooking up with this guy either tho as she's very outwardly sensual if you know what i mean.

On one hand, I feel like a chump investing in showing her a good time tonight after she posted this last night and on the other hand, not sure I can really say anything since I didn't confirm "boyfriend/girlfriend" status.

Do I play it cool and just act as normal and ignore this? Tell her I have other plans tonight now? Or bring it up directly?

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