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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:28 pm 
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Hi to all, and thanks for visiting my topic. :) this will be short and interesting .

So, this is more of a "relationship manegement" than PUA question, but its been on my mind for long now so i wanna share it with everyone and maybe get some amazing opinions.....SO, living with two or more girls has always been a fantasy of mine.... so my 2 questions:

I understand that girls are socially instructed that they should be Nº1 of every guy, and that sharing a man is a bad thing.... nevertheless, due to the unbalanced male-female world ratio and with so many lonely women out there for life it just seems a natural thing to me, i've always had this desire, and this is not for a ONE OFF or one night stand thing.

1question : Currently i live on my own and my girl knows about this desire, and has accepted it, however she doesnt wanna be involved like sleeping together, so she just gives me a green card to see other women. I've looked into most 3some routines around, and getting them to know each other, and the process a whole fun fantasy for the both and me, but it just seems either im doin somethin wrong or women round me rather be alone than non-exclusive thing here. I try not to tell them they are number 1 or number 2, rather i say they are unique, and that sharing is caring......I usually seduce girls alone, on daygame or beachgame, and i dont really know how to pose this to them after i have FC , that i have a girl and i want them to be with us, or at least try.

2question is : Im also a bit concerned with society socials norms around this, in a monogamic society, and how people will make comments if im walkin hand in hand with one girl in each hand, and how to talk about this to openly to other women.

By now most of you are thinking... Do i need to ? Well i dont, but if i had to talk about this subject to the women in my family like my mum, aunt or younger nice...... how would i describe it , in a cool and non offensive sexist way ?

Here's some sucess stories:

http://liverampup.com/entertainment/der ... ghter.html

and a man living with 4 women: (non translated)


what do you guys think? Opinions are very welcomed !


PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:46 am 
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Keep soft pushing your girl if she already open to you sleeping with other women is just matter of time she accepts having a threesome with you, after that small steps and she will agree of living the three of you..
I have made a lot of threesomes with my wife all female threesomes long threesomes meaning staying with the other female for a whole weekend..
I have told my wife of the same desire like yours of bringing another lady to live with us the only reason I have not pushed in the matter is we still have a 15 years old living with us so it will probably happens after he moves out
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