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 Post subject: strange chick/texting
PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:41 pm 
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So I went out with this girl I know from the gym. We matched on Bumble and she chatted me up, then we switched to text and the convo was smooth. After a week of on and off texting we met up and had wine, had a good time, no kiss close or anything but there was some degree of chemistry; she said she had a great time as we were walking a little after the wines.

Cool chick, a bit on the weird/artist side, meaning.....quite socially functional and pleasant but with moments of weirdness; example, later that night she texted me pictures of her baggy eyes when she just wakes up (she had shown me these during the date). So it was a funny but weird humor callback. She then texted it was weird she had texted me that. I made light of it and asked for armpit pictures and so on hahaha, at some point she texted me a picture of her knees/legs (I said nice tan).

Then her texts have kind of died off a few days went with no sign of her; then shes been back with quick texts like "Does the gym have morning clases?" (no hello, no how are you, no what have you been up to). So I responded kind of poking fun of her random text a little and then 2 days more nothing. Today she asks me another question from our text conversation 3 days ago..."What is LMGTFY?"

Im at the point where I can take her or leave her. Her texting etiquette kind of blows in general (not very creative). Feels like shes feeling out my interest or keeping me in her dating loop and shes playing the field which of course she has every right to do so.

Her texts have certainly shown less effort than the 1st few days, responding 2-3 days later, less thought, less spark, no how are you, no hello, just random questions....there is no "give" - very neutral questions, more like gaging to see if I still respond/wag my tail.

A. I could ask her out again but.... the weird change in pace in the texting gives me a weird gut feeling.

B. I could respond straight answer to her texts and not say much else.

C. Call her out in a funny way on her random texts and etiquette.

Shes 39, im 44.

thoughts? advice?


PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:07 pm 
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Where did you try to lead her to sex? She would have been a same night lay......but you didn't DO anything.

Then she tried to get you to 'sext' with her, but you missed that clue. Even when she was showing you a little skin...[You know, send suggestive text messages and nekkid pictures back and forth. Like cybersex, but with text.]

She wants you to flirt. And then choreograph the sequence of steps and moves you make to lead her to the bedroom.

What the fuck do you think she's on Bumble for? More wine drinking buddies? NO! IT"S DICK!

In the hands of the right man, a woman is a 100 different women, limited only by imagination and his willingness to make her feel safe and lead her.

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