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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:22 pm 
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Hi everybody, first I want to apologize for my english. Its not my first language. I was looking for some advice about situation with my ex girlfriend.

Last week my (ex) girlfriend told me that something is happening and her love to me disappeared. It was complete shock for me, I really didnt expect that. We talked about that. Thing is that last month i behaved like idiot and I know that. I was stressed about other thinks and i wasnt paying her enough attention. Often i was grumpy and not much supportive. During our long conversation she started to feel better and we ended up in bed toggether.
I was hoping that its fine but after two days she told me that she isnt feeling fine. she invited me for dinner and told me again thaht she isnt loving me again. We had long several hour conversation. She cried a lot A LOT. I cried little bit but it was wierd. She was crying only when i mentioned that iam done and it hurt me. It was like she felt guilty. But when i told her in joke that iam going to pick up some girls with my friend she immediately smiled at me and said: you should and you are great guy and so on. We again end up having sex (very bad sex because i wasnt kind of ready after all of this). After it we were talking whole night about things we ussually talked when we were toggether. She started to smile again and i saw sparkle in her eyes again and she even told me that she belive in us but we need time. Before we fell asleep it was looking fine. At the morning it was again little bit wierd and i had again feeling that it isnt fine. Then I jus walked away. It was at Thurssday and I started no contact since that day and its whole week already,

Now I really love her and I want to be with her but what strategy should I choose?
Should I continue No contact? or should i show interest and message her? She is little bit unstable and under great stress from many other things. My best friend lost his girlfriend too and after 2 months they ended up toggether and now they are married. He told me tha he get her back by showing interest. But everbody on internet talking about NO CONTACT. Iam kind of desperate. Iam really looking for advice from you.
Also we are visiting same gym and i dont know what to do when iam going to met her there. Because everybody is telling me that I should behave that iam fine but its looking that she was looking for reasons to move on and clearly feeling that iam fine is making it much easier for her. Anyway thanks for your time and all advices.

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