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Your First Hypnosis Session
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Author:  BlackFrank [ Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Your First Hypnosis Session

Hey Guys,

Hypnosis and NLP really helped catapult my game into the big leagues, after I cleared a little AA using EFT and worked on some other issues using NLP, hypnosis helped solidify those learning and helped reprogram my internal dialogue.

I'm a total advocate for hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT and here's how things will go if you decide to test the hypnotherapy waters...

First your therapist will explain hypnosis. A good portion of this session is educational. You will get to understand how you will be using hypnosis and how your subconscious mind operates. It has been demonstrated that when people know more about hypnosis they tend to do better in the hypnotherapeutic process. Your therapist will then answer all your questions about hypnosis. Then and only then will you be guided into a state of hypnotic relaxation, where you will begin the process that will help you to rapidly achieve your desired results. After you emerge from hypnosis, you will spend some time talking about your experience. Before you leave your next appointment should be scheduled with your hypnotherapist. It is recommended that the sessions be spaced no more than a week or so apart.

How many sessions will it take?

For some conditions, such as phobias for example, 1 session could have made all the difference already. Nevertheless, even then it is always best to have at least a follow up session (reinforcer) to ensure the effects are long lasting. As a rule of thumb, depending on the issue, between 3 to 6 sessions are the norm.

There are, however a number of conditions where a longer term approach would be much more warranted. For instance, certain types of depression may need to be addressed over a longer term to get the desired level of cognitive restructuring that needs to take place. While some clients have an immediate “shift”, others need to realize and work with more than one emotional or lifestyle aspect. Nonetheless, taking the reports of many clients into consideration, there is overwhelming evidence that each therapy session significantly improves mood and energy levels.

Generally speaking, I have a Client- Centered approach which means that we will develop a therapy plan or strategy with you. The outcome of the consultation session usually determines where to go from there. It is perfectly natural that you may have questions about hypnotherapy. If you have any questions about hypnotherapy, NLP or EFT and how they can help your game, just message me NOW!

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