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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:05 pm 
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Okay, so I'm new here. I read the game this summer as a character study for the weirdest date I've ever had and I've since then improved my game significantly and while I'm not great. I'm better than my peer group that consists largely of socially introverted university students.

So the weirdest date I've ever had was with this girl, let's call her Hollywood, she was working to save money before heading to university, but she was an aspiring actress primarily. Walking picture of a bombshell, way more attractive than I'm used to having attention paid to me by. It was a tinder match, and I've found I have a knack for writing really good erotica when the opportunity presents(don't ask how I learned that). I matched with her in the evening and sent a couple messages not expecting a response. But I get one and she seems real and horny. I wish I still had the conversation logs, but I led her through a story where I was a rake and she was a married woman. And she loved it.

She's a ways away but I set a date and she agreed to meet, but instead of going as ourselves we're going as our characters. I play the role of Ampere a man with a thing for married women, and she plays the role of a woman who found her husband in a homosexual affair a week earlier.

It's a week away and I want to be prepared so I give myself a crash course in pick up. I try and act like an over the top version of you guys. She takes the following day off work, she tells me she's on birth control prior to the first date. I'm not believing my luck.

The day comes I pick her up, we're both in character. Our plan was to head to a bar a town over and play the scenario from there. It's a small town, one bar, nothing exciting. We get there and she's grim and miserable. Of course, she's playing a role I think. We play our roles for a bit have drinks, but she's not responding to my advances like I expected so I end up asking what's wrong. Turns out I picked a bar she'd been rejected in by a guy she actually liked. Shit shit shit... so she had me drive her back to her town and get a hotel in her small town. She doesn't want to go home immediately as her parents would wonder why she's not spending the night with me, so we head to the bar. We're drinking and I'm trying to get some form of rapport going, and it's just not happening. Turns out simply being to play the role of a PUA doesn't make you any better when you go off your narrowly defined script.

In the end, a deaf friend of hers drove up as she was taking a smoke break and they ran off to buy drugs in another town. Leaving me alone in a strange town for the night. I dropped the overnight bag she had left in my car on her doorstep the following morning.

My game has improved since then, although I do still have sticking points. :? Figured I'd share my first baby step into this world here and hopefully, someone can glean some entertainment from it.

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