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Author:  RolandoOwen [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  http://www.beaufitreviews.com/verutum-rx/

Verutum RX are on mainstream TV now ESPN has a dedicated eSports channel I've seen some of on TBS yeah give me up to such a weird channel for that to show up on it up maybe they don't put in on it X X Games X cams gives gold medals to a lot of those games now yeah dude I when I own team kaliber we got a silver medal at Austin x games we wit what about the olympic game are the Olympics next Olympics Olympics are tough just because there's like a committee of a bunch of old douche bags at like well maybe I mean I'd say no but I'm saying it's going to take some time yeah I imagine if you've wrestled Verutum Rx you're like what the fuck I can't wrestle three Verutum RX Olympics with these tags or playing video game yeah there's a few other sports that I've been canned within the last couple years that people are like really come on bring them back that baseball's not enough anymore I don't think this is a I mean not trying to get us off topic but the biggest thing I hate is people would like their you to put American football in the Olympics it's like why save us a way a dog walking shadow isn't there a football World Cup let me look that up real quick cause it was like it woke up Verutum Rx USA like destroyed it would be would be like that ball but times oh yes times a million you can't because league basketball has like like like Spain Verutum Rx those guys who play in the NBA like they can go play in their country Verutum Rx stuff like you I mean .


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