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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:35 am 
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I'm going to make this as short and detailed as possible.

Tonight a girl I had met a week ago at a party wants to me to chill with her and her friend. The girl who invited me is cute and into me but when I saw how hot her friend was I attempted to throw a lil game.

The Targets bitch sheilds are on a mild setting, but I managed to make her feel like apologizing by calling her out.

Night goes on, we indulge a lil, and we round out the night. And I sorta put the target in her place by just being bluntly assertive, from there she seemed to have vested interest in me. As we pull up to the girls house to close it out, we sit and chat in the car for a bit, I got the opportunity to throw in a story about my graphics design career after the target started to ask me questions about my aspiration and shit. They gave me full attention, i finished, hugged the girl I was there for, and gave the target a messly handshake.

Now im curious if I demonstrated higher value that worked. Im afriad I may have negged a lil roughly but based on her reactions I would like to know if those are symptoms of attraction or resentment

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 5:25 pm 
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Tool311 wrote:
story about my graphics design career after the target started to ask me questions about my aspiration and shit.

Women I noticed ask these fucked up stupid questions on auto-pilot. This is something they are so used to asking about your aspiration, career, all that boring shit. Notice the BORING.(When asked about work, I say I work for Sheik Condoms and am responsible for many lives. I aspire to save people from making bastard children) There is never too much negging, just not enough. For the bitch to bring her friend along with you is a sign that she wants approval by her friend who probably has claimed to be the most observant towards men's bullshit. Plus it gives you the chance to show off how much balls, and confidence you got to assimilate yourself into their friendship. You came into an interview :lol: Like most interviewers they got on that fake ass smile like you've done a good job, but in the end you don't get hired.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 4:21 am 
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Appreciate the feedback MAN!

Well, the girl I was there for is into me, i know that for a fact.. she was just throwing me IoIs blatantly......

We were outside of her house and the target could of justifiably at any time said she wanted to go in and sleep. We spent a good amount of time doing nothing but talking in my car.
When I talked about my career, I highlighted the fact that I have been employed by a record label (im 18, and have been on tour multiple times, then told the tour stories (all are true, i had a personal relationships with one of the bands i designed for.. loads of fun).

Now, the points i forgot to highlight in THIS post was My friend had called in middle of my lil story and the target was itching to go inside before we arrived to her house. When i took the call they both talked about the shit that happened that night amongst themselves.. When I had finished MY conversation, I forgot what we were talking about and the target said "you were on tour with your friend band and..." I wrapped up my convo and then they decided to go in.

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