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 Post subject: Twatblocked!!!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:20 pm 
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So theres this hot, hot blonde chick who I first met at a meetup last week, and it turns out she went dancing at the same place I went too. God she got some massive tits, I dont know if they are real. I think she is a marine, and a... hmm how can I be nice about this... more liberal person about her sexuality? We danced last week and I was thinking of trying to run some game on her since the approach was already warm, she actually noticed me first from last week but before I could get a second dance with her she left the place, I think with someone else.

But anyway, last week I danced with her and she was telling me what a good dancer I was, I turned it around and told her shes a good follower to have been able to keep up with me, we had a little back and forth about how good each other is. I didnt wanna seem needy so I told her to go dance with some other people and learn some more stuff cause other people are different, and when we dance again she will be better for some harder moves. Unfortunately I didnt get that second dance.

Fast forward to tonight, she showed up late. During practice, she was actually a partner or two to my right, and she goes "psst! psst!" trying to get my attention. I actually knew she was there but I didnt wanna act like I recognized her, it seems like quite an IOI that she both recognized me and was looking to say hi to me. We didnt dance during practice but she was eyeing me with every partner I switched with. Fast forward to free dancing, she was waiting behind a little wall in a viewing area while I was dancing. I found it odd she wasnt dancing... what was she doing there if shes not there to dance? It wasnt for lack of people asking her, shes arguably the hottest girl there. She is watching me dance, I notice.

So after a little rest after dancing with another girl semi-in front of her, I go up to see how shes doing.

Me: Hey, hows it going!
Her: Hey, how are you?
Me: Care to dance?
Her: Oh, I am not dancing right now. (oh really? well, what are you doing here?)
Me: Shame, youre a good follower.
Her: Nah man thats all you.
Me: Youre too modest. So how come you arent dancing?
Her: I have to get up at 7 in the morning. (Hmm... well, why dont you go to bed? Its almost 11 pm, what are you doing here...)
Me: Ouch. Sometimes I stay here till like 12
Her: I also will be going to vegas in like two weeks (oh? hmm... why tell me that? is it cause she will be relocated cause shes in the military? is she trying to seem... unavailable? Gosh... she wouldnt be trying to game little old ME, would she?)
Me: Gosh I havent been to vegas in...I look away trying to seem like I am thinking about it, but really I am considering the situation. I get a real sexually liberal vibe from this chick. I am pretty sure last time she hooked up with some guy she talked to for about half an hour here. Shes at a dance club, but not to dance. Opened me. Watching me. Ok, thats enough for me to believe shes DTF for me. Now how to go about this? well unfortunately, it doesnt matter because...
Twatblock: Hey noscope!
Me: Hey! hows it going?
Twatblock: Can I get a dance?
Me: uuh... (twatblock grabs my hand. I am too in my head over the other girl to know what to do. Perhaps this will make me look good in blondies eyes, having other girls taking me away?)
Sure ok, Blondie Ima go dance, Ill talk to you later ok? (I put a friendly hand on her shoulder as twat pulls me away, Blondie says ok and turns to face the dance floor)

So I get on the dance floor and start dancing with twat, and I can see behind her Blondie is leaving. Fuck. FFFFFUUUUUUUCK. Its then I realize, this whole time, blondie was just sitting there, hoping for a chance that I would come talk to her. She is leaving because, there is no one else she wants to talk to. It was about me. She wanted to talk to me. Fuckin A man.

Well what was I supposed to do, deny twatblock? Maybe I should have, she is certainly more conservative, although she has a thick foreign accent. I know I am not really gonna get anywhere with twat in one night, and shes not as hot either. Damnit.

So anyways, thats how it went down, as the night went on there were some opportunities for some cold approaches but I aint good for that yet so I didnt. Danced with some more girls, aaand went home.

So, what do yall think? What kind of impression did I make on blondie? Does she think I'm too hot shit for her? Is she insulted maybe? How should I play it next time I see her?

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