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 Post subject: coworker
PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:03 am 
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Hi guys,
I have a new coworker just got a job in engring in a different department. She said hi to me as she walk passed but behind me. I turned around she waved.
I didnt talk to her much the first week besides good morning. On monday i did my normal hi and go on my daily tasks. Arund lunch time she asked me to go to lunch with her. I was abit surprised and nervous like wussy and kinda mumbled a yes. I asked her what she likes to eat and she said anything so i didn't want her to feel like its a date so i told her lets go to wholefood (she told me on friday as we left work that she sick of wholefood) . Anyway back to wholefood was looking for me after she got her food. I was already sitting down and ready to eat. We chitchat abit and then she asked me how old i am and i told her to guess and i teased that shes a baby being 10 years younger. I like her even more now. Nthen she wanted starbucks so we head there. I asked her abiut what radio station she was listening to and she told me it was Christian and i said no wonder it sounds familiar since i grew up listening to the same radio. Next day i took her out as part of a job training at the mall 1 hr away. We talked about alot of things but i keep in my mind that i wasnt sure what to take this relationship or where her interest level is. But i kept on teasing her. She suggested lunch at cheesecake factory. We spent 5 hrs together but i felt that i didn't creat any emotion or physical.
connection. I text HER this sunday and "good morning. Ready for church?"
HER responded was. "Good morning. Haha i am going to another church. Lol."

I new to this and would love to hear how to keep it so that i am not in the friend zone. I felt that i screwed up and if i dont make a move i migt fall in the friend zone. Also engineering get hit on all the time since engineering is male dominated. My plan this week is not make conversation with her besides the good morning and bye.

I also realize just by writing this that i invested too much time thinking about one girl.

Peaceout let me know. Willing to learn this shit.

 Post subject: Re: coworker
PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:03 am 
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but i felt that i didn't creat any emotion or physical.

A little bit ok kino fixes everything man, next time you see her, even if you're heading back to the office, tell her you have to go somewhere first and give her a hug, a tight one. Then pull back and tell her she smells very good, but act unphased by how good she smells.

Let me know what happens.

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