Keep a girl interested while texting.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:11 pm 
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If you're anything like most people than you absoloutely hate it when you text a girl and her response is either a smiley face or just a one word reply in general. It pisses me off more than anything else in the world. So I learned how to combat it and further give us guys the upper hand in pick-up. I call this; my 'Short Text Theory'

When texting a girl you cannot run your normal game on her. Why? Because you're not in person. Through texting you lose all advantage of being able to seduce them and have them answer your questions or play your games on the spot. So how do you keep them interested? My 'Short Text Theory.' Just as a time restraint makes the girl unerstand that she only has you for a breif moment; using a short text will also keep the girl wanting your attention. The less you give, the more you give.

You have to play off the girl as much as possible. If she is texting long messages to you than continue with the conversation. Keep it interesting. Actually listen to her (which is funny because you're texting).

Me: "Why did you have to pick up your dad?"

HB: "He flew into the airport and I was his only ride haha"

Me: "Where did he fly in from?" -- Normal talk.

HB: "Texas" -- officially got under my skin.

Most guys would then text something back like
"Oh why was he there?" or "Was he on some sort of business trip?"
Instead I replied

Me: "Huh" -- At this moment I have officially turned the tables.

HB: "Huh what?" - this is now the make it or break it moment.

Me: "You don't say much."

By using the one word text "huh," I made the girl curious. Then when I respond "You don't say much," I hardcore neg'ed her. Pretty much saying she is boring. Her immediate response was...

HB: "Oh sorry I was distracted."

Me: "I'll let you be" --puts it on my terms and incorporates some LMR

HB: "No I was distracted, but now I'm not :)"

It was at this moment I was in. By taking myself away she quickly wanted more. Whether she originally intended to talk to me for another hour or not. I still gained the upper hand and now we're going out Saturday.

If a girl texts ":)" or ":(" or any smiley face. Simply text "Lol" or "Haha"
- If she doesn't take the bate then you lose nothing. You were the last to text, but you didnt give anything of any value to her and later when you see her, she will not think "Oh there's the guy who annoys me with all the texts."

If a girl says she has to go and she'll text you later. Than leave her alone until she texts you. She really probably is busy and she said she'll text you later. And if you simply have to text, then text another girl. She'll take you mind off of the intended target and keep you from looking like an AFC. It took me a while to figure these things out. I could build attraction and get the number easily, but I would lose ground when we'd text. Most girls would rather text than talk on the phone so the more you practice my "Short Text Theory" the better you will become.

If you have any questions message me. As for now, I'm going to go out and get a girl.


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:39 pm 
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Nice trick. i had this problem when im texting any nice girls i really like. but the girls i am not intrested in are always txting me. there the ones that i stop replying after 4 or 5 messages, and give 1 word answers to and they are the ones who sit there watching their phone waiting for the reply.

This is what works for me every time:
I never reply straight away, i literally wait till i forget and look at my phone again, where i leave the message on the screen to remind me.. then i reply. occasionally i stop replying altogether randomly, and just wait for the second message to come though.

I always keep them guessing. right this minute i have this cute blonde girl that is really intrested in me, and all weekend and still now thinks i have slept with another girl over the weekend, she hasnt asked directly, but is kinda assuming i have. i never say either way, so it keeps her wanting to know thus keeping her intrested.

The best way to start a convosation i found with any girl is not to say "hey, hows you x", but the ones that have lead to sex or relationships is when i just say "so when are we going to nando's?" (nice food place), or "im hungry, come over and cook me something". nothing happens straight away, but its something to start a convosation with, even if they say "go do one" (had that the other night :D).

Alot of the time the girl would bring it up again in a few days saying somthing like "so when are you taking me out?" etc... hope it makes sence

Mr C.

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