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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:43 am 
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From what I have seen there are lots of step by step explanations for opening, bouncing and kino but not many on how to sexualize a conversation quickly (most of what I have seen are fairly bland generalizations of the tone of voice, how to kino, or suggestions to use innuendo). This is an attempt to provide that step by step routine, using techniques you probably have seen elsewhere, and it has worked out in the field.

First, let me first go through when to use this. Don’t use this at the opening or until you have isolated and provided at least some comfort (so after the first or second question/interaction after you have isolated the girl, but potentially still in the bar/club just well outside the hearing range of any of her friends).

Here is what you say: “Look, I don’t think its going to work out between us, I’m very kinky and I can tell you are way too vanilla in the bedroom.” So this is a clear disqualifier, so it as the advantages of a disqualifier in that she is not going to eject quickly thinking all that you want is sex (because you just said you don’t want sex with her).

So think a moment about what the possible responses are from this. I usually have seen three. First is the questioning response. “What do you mean vanilla?” in which case you should respond with “You know like vanilla ice cream: plain, ordinary, boring.” Most girls at this point are going to jump directly to the second response of rejecting the statement (which is exactly what you really want to have happen). No girl likes to think of themselves as plain, ordinary, or boring especially in the bedroom.

The other questioning response I have seen is “What do you mean by kinky?” You should have something ready for what kinds of sexual stuff you want to talk about. I would suggest things like bondage, spanking, etc. Keep it on the light side of kinky, so that she is more likely to go on to the second response of rejecting the statement. Saying something like “You know, a little blindfolds, bondage, and spankings.” At this point it starts again with any of the three responses by the girl.

So the second possibility is that she will reject the premise. She will say something like “You are so wrong, I really am kinky too.” This is ideally exactly what you want her to do. Think about it, she is now initiating a sexual conversation in which she is going to be justifying to you that she freaky in the bedroom. And like any good PUA your response should be along the lines of “I don’t believe you, what’s the kinkiest thing you have done?” Pushing her to keep justifying herself further on that topic (if she cant think of something good quickly, say “See I was right, you are vanilla in the bedroom.”) But if she does justify herself like this, you should be golden and raising her buying temperature fast, and ready to bounce back to your place soon.

The third possibility is that she will agree with you. “Your right, I am not into all that kinky stuff.” This is kind of sad, but you can push it a little bit more just to make sure. Saying something along the lines of, “I just find being ordinary and plain in the bedroom to be so boring, why don’t you feel that way?” Sometimes girls will reverse themselves, and be like “Oh I didn’t know that’s what you meant by kinky.” Usually though, most girls that are going to claim to be boring in the bedroom, usually are, and are not that very fun to lay even if you could. At this point, you can use it like any normal disqualifier (just ignore that you have disqualified and move to escalate anyway eventually), or you can decide to next her and instead use her to find out more about her friends and/or use her as social proof to other sets (start more flash game instead).

Anyway, I hope this gives you all something to think about and try.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:52 am 
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Good post

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Not bad. Seems like a good example of sexual qualification to be honest.

Reminds me of something I witnessed the other month. I was at a house party of a mate of mines who is alright with girls. He had this one girl following him around the entire night. When things were slowing down and everyone was making their way to their destinations for the rest of the night. He whistles this girl to go upstairs with him, pretty blatantly for sex. She sits on the sofa putting up resistance. He then then said something along the lines of "Ohh, I knew you were all talk", at that moment her entire expression changed, you could tell by the look in her face that she wanted to go upstairs with him a prove to him she would fuck his brains out. He go's "c'mon, chop chop" one more time, and she finally goes upstairs with him, I guess she fucked his brains out because I left sometime the next morning and never seen her again.

If you do it right stuff like this is 100% effective when done properly.

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