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PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:48 pm 
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Hey there,
So I've been trying out a new opener and need some feedback on it, to decide wether to improve it or just drop it and tell it as a story instead. It is a true story.

I start by asking her opinion on it. "hey, I could really use a female opinion on this, my mind is torn really. So, my ex of years ago just texted me that she wants to come over and catch up. She lives far away though, so she asked if she could stay the night. Now, before you respond, she also sends me pictures of us together. My friends tell me to just let her stay over, though it is quite obvious she doesnt just want to stay over. What do you think?"

It gets attention easily and it leaves a lot of room open for small negs. On a two set I combined it by saying who the evil one was and asking her friend if she is always like that etc. The usual stuff.

I would love some feedback on how this opener could be better. It had a succes rate of 4/6 on women that were a 6 or 7. I want to try it on higher game though with the right positive or constructive feedback. So thanks for opinions!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:27 pm 
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Seems to be okay for a casual indirect. If it get's you hooked into sets then keep rolling with it. However, the hotter girls will not respond to it as well. From my experience it is best to go direct on the hotter chicks because it is transparent when you approach these girls indirectly so you might as well go direct. (Why would you go all the way to the girl that is currently getting the most attention, it is because you want to chat her up)

For girls that blend in, indirect has always been a smooth way, I still use it depending on the situation. These says the girls usually ask me where I am from and it transitions itself often. It's nice to not give them the power so quick sometimes.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:57 am 
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Thanks for the feedback Pebble.

Tried it some more and had some succes with it on three 8's. However, it only worked in combination with some negs. So, when I catch a girl doing something weird I make it a bit more situational, telling her
"I was going to ask you something, but it seems like you're not really fit to give advice."
From there I transition into this and all three times the girl asked
"well, you could take full advantage of it, but are you like that as a person?"
upon which is just smile, holding on with replying and saying
"have you seen a bit too much Dr. Phil?"
From there on the routine always ended and we did not get back into it. Of those 3, I got 2 number closes and 1 kiss close with number.
I guess the routine is more suitable for false disqualifying, which it seemed to be good at.
You can do that with almost any opinion opener though.

For girls that blend in, indirect has always been a smooth way, I still use it depending on the situation.

It fits my energy more to be a bit indirect, it might be a confidence thing, but it seems to work better for me at this point.

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