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A Sticking Point or SP is an issue you CONSISTENTLY run into.

It is NOT a point where you get stuck with ONE SPECIFIC GIRL.

A Sticking Point is:
I keep getting LMR whenever I bring girls back to my place. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wrong?

A Sticking Point is NOT:
I got LMR with this one girl! What do I do?

If you have not already gone out and practiced enough to have a real Sticking Point from meeting an ABUNDANCE of women, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO POST HERE.

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 Post subject: Text Game System
PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 11:21 am 
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Hey Guys,

So I have been in the community for a year and a half now and know a lot. I would rank my self as an adequate pick up artist who has yet to make it pro. I have one major sticking point that through out all my time and practice in the community I still can't get passed. Its texting Girls..

Different PUA's tend to give all kinds of different advice on how to text girls with no common variables between them. So here's what I need. I need a texting system that I can apply to text game. Just like Mystery Method is a system you use in field I need a system for text game. Any Advice would be Great

 Post subject: Re: Text Game System
PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 12:28 pm 

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Arrange to meet up in person, get the number as a bridge to confirm the meetup and make the plans, don't hit on the girls you meet over text just meet them and do that in person. The one exception in my opinion is when you asked for a girls number but didn't have time to screen her, in this instance you can chat her up for a while to get to know her a little before you meet up for a date and flirt a bit, but really if you are inexperienced with women and not typically witty and good at writing, trying to flirt over text will likely do more harm then good.

Avoid texting as much as you can. It's almost pointless in my opinion, it can be useful and lead to some rapport but it does everything you can do face to face but in an inferior way. You can't touch over text, it's difficult to emote and be fully sure how the other end is emoting, which makes it very easy for someone to misinterpret the context of something in a way that it was not meant. It also leads to a bad frame of being comfortable as ''text buddies'' where it seems normal and comfortable to text, but not normal or comfortable to hang out in person (assuming you are texting a stranger that you haven't spent much face to face time with).

All around in my opinion meeting up is the best thing to do, don't waste time texting or trying to ''game'' girls over your phone, it works the same way for dating apps, set up a meet and go meet. Another interesting thing to note is typically if you are really looking to be texting instead of hanging out, you are probably getting needy.

 Post subject: Re: Text Game System
PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 1:58 pm 
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You don't need a texting system.

You need more expirience. You're only not being successful with texting because you're too dependent on the outcome. The more women you have and let go, the less outcome dependent you will be. So the short solution here is, you haven't approached enough women yet.

Now, I don't text women, at least not until I have formed a connection with them. I pick up the phone and I call them. That puts me in the zone to connect with them in real time. Not sending a message that could be misinterpreted and/or accidently not responded to. There's no time to think, you're square in that moment dealing with them how you would in real life.

RC does have a textin guide that's worth checking out however. I'm just more of a call them and get to it guy.

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:26 pm 
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There is no stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 to texting like there is Mystery Method. And if there was, it would be questionable and overcomplicated. However, there are some standard "best practices" if you will, for texting. Text original and clever things, like memes and jokes. Don't over text. Don't be too responsive to texts. Don't be boring.

However, I have a feeling you are the type of pua who is gaming online, or number closing lots of girls, none of which you know very well. You get this golden number, and think its just a matter of typing the right combination of words and the girl will rush over to lay you in your home. But that's not how it works....at least not most of the time.

You need to focus on doing all the leg work while you are in the set face to face. You can't rely on that number close, especially if you aren't even kiss closing before the number close. The more and more guys we have on here asking why their text game isn't working, is because more and more girls are being inundated with number requests from lame guys with bad game, or just sheer volume. And they can't possibly give every guy a chance just because he landed their number. Cellphones filled with dozens of dudes names they don't even remember. Your name is just a +1 to that growing list. It won't ever change, it will only get worse. Game her face to face, not on a phone.

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