Meet girl via Tinder twice with KC - now flaking?

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A Sticking Point or SP is an issue you CONSISTENTLY run into.

It is NOT a point where you get stuck with ONE SPECIFIC GIRL.

A Sticking Point is:
I keep getting LMR whenever I bring girls back to my place. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wrong?

A Sticking Point is NOT:
I got LMR with this one girl! What do I do?

If you have not already gone out and practiced enough to have a real Sticking Point from meeting an ABUNDANCE of women, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO POST HERE.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:34 am 
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Hello everybody,

I am new on this forum but I have some experience in the PUA world. I was on Tinder when this really cute girl texted me. She is only 18 years old and I am 26. We talked for a few days and we agreed to meet at at bar on Thursday night.

We have a good time, she is funny, very pretty and we are having fun. I made her laugh a lot but I kind of failed to escalate kino. I can't find an opportunity to kiss her and she tells me she has to leave... but at the end she gave a hug and the opportunity to kiss her, so we KC. 15mn later she texted me "Thanks for a good night <3"

Everything seems to be going well. I told her that I had a great time with her and we should meet again soon.

2 days later I ask her if she is free on Sunday, which she says yes and we go to the harbor and then get an ice cream down town. We spent about 2h together but did not kiss me when I met her. The all time she does not try to get close to me physically. When I do it, she does not reject me or put distance, in fact she let me put my arm around her neck but it's hard to kiss her again. Before she leaves and go home we kiss again.

I am thinking maybe she is kind of shy and does not have so much experience since she is only 18. The thing is that she texted me the first time on Tinder but after that she never texted me again first. When I text her she always answer quickly and she was down to go out the last two times I asked her out.

I texted her 3 days later (no text from her) and again she answers me quickly. We talk a little bit and the next day I ask her for a dinner at my place. She answered me this :

HB : "tomorrow im actually free but another day of the weekend we could hangout "
ME: "ok cool :) maybe Saturday then? I also might have a car so I could probably pick you up if you need"
HB : "awe yeah that sounds nice! Ill let you know then"

I am taking the " I will let you know then" for a no but I am not sure what to think. I thought she is not interested but she already met me twice. Maybe she does not want to do something at my place yet and I am being too fast ?

Let me know what you guys think!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:52 am 
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Firstly, Tinder is a hook up app. Let that sink in.

You are being too nice, too romantic for someone who has to fall into the lover box.

Also where were your logistics for your to pull her home to fuck her? (close to the harbour? Close to the bar?)

If you had an escalation ladder to follow, you wouldn't have to wait for the perfect moment to kiss her, you wouldn't have to wait for her to move closer to you.

SOme things to think about.


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