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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:39 am 
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And its awesome! Basicly tonight I broke trough that "I should but I wont" barrier that many people encounter. You know when you wanna go aproach that girl or kiss that girl but you still dont because who knows what.

I just got back home and I really needed to write this somewhere because some time ago if someone told me what I would do today I wouldnt believe him.

So first off I was in a club with some other girlfriends and this one girl who I have always been interested in was there too. I never made a move even if I could have because I would worry about what would happen tommorow or what the others would think, but today I went to her, danced with her, basicly told her "Now Im gonna kiss you." She said no but she was smiling so I just went for it and it worked, we then made out for like half an hour outside the club. But thats not the main event!

Later I was leaving another club and my friend stop two girls and asked them for the time. I dont know why but I automaticly engaged them, I quess I was in God mode. Anyway I made a light and flirty converstion with them, its hard to replicate it here because I cant remember all of it and putting just some bits would just make it sound retarded. But anyway we had a light flirty conversation and then in the flow of the converstaion after she said something I said "So what should I kiss you right now or?" while making deep eye contact and really meaning it, she said something like "Yeah I quess." a bit quiet but she was smiling so I went for it, in the middle of the street and made out with her. Now I would never ever do something like this before but the simple pickup guys opened my eyes to how easy and fun it is to pickup girls and I have read pretty much every other PUA material, this is the only true one. The whole sequence lasted maybe half a minute and to you guys its maybe not much but this is the first time I have ever made out with a girl in less then a minute in the middle of the street so I just had to share it with someone.

And I also am not the best looking guy and I have slightly crooked teeth which I have always been insecure about, but after today, boyy LOOKS DONT MATTER SHIT.

I just wanted to make this post to encourage guys who are insecure or always the guys who are reading but never trying out stuff, JUST DO IT if I could you can too and to be honest even if she rejected me it would still be a funny story and I wouldnt really care because I dont give a fuck! Sry for the long post but again I had to share this with someone I hope this will inspire others, just go, do things and have fun!

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