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 Post subject: Drugs and anxiety
PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:59 am 
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Anxiety sucks. But I beat it. Accomplishing your goals feels a whole lot better when you're not feeling all out of control.

Here are three powerful methods I used to feel like a king.

1.) scare the sh*t out of yourself -

I've found that the best advice out there could be the most cliche. But it works. Do the thing that you fear. Once you do the thing that scares you the most you'll find that you're still alive, and that you feel a lot more powerful and stronger. You come out at the other end asking yourself "If I'm okay after doing THAT, what else could I do that will give me that adrenaline rush?"

I really found that activities such as public speaking, approaching a group of random strangers and talking to them, and even dancing in public are ways to beat your anxiety.

2.) meditate like a zen monk -

Especially in our modern western world we are addicted to "go,go,go!". In the East they've mastered the know-how of the ying and yang. In other words, we have our seasons and going all the time without a "going in" recharge will make you sick, sad and depressed.

Meditation is the best thing you could do to beat anxiety. The only problem is that it could take someone 20+ years to reach the desired results - while practicing daily. Meditating has changed my life for the better and once you take it on as a daily habit yours will too.

3.) take a drug -

There are many over-the counter drugs out there. Specifically, I'm referring to nootropics. Kratom and Phenibut are amongst the most popular. I've personally used Phenibut and it is a great tool to have especially if you want to pick up women and socialize.

If you use any of these together or separate you'll be on your way to beating anxiety and feeling awesome.

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 Post subject: Re: Drugs and anxiety
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:15 am 
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I think that taking drugs for anxiety may make anxiety worse. Because you are always reminded that you are a anxiety disorder, which create pressures on your mind. I recommend you some home remedies to get rid of anxiety:
1. Lavender oil
Drop 2-3 drops of lavender oil on your hand and smell directly. Or you use it to massage on your forehead
Frequency: Daily
2. Cottage cheese
Potassium, which is beneficial for the neural activities of the brain in cottage cheese can fight anxiety. Let's add cottage in your diet.
Frequency: Daily

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