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For most guys, social shyness and striking up conversations is the hardest part of pick-up. Share your techniques and tactics for overcoming anxiety here.
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approach confidence at an all time low...

Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:34 pm

So, ive been single now long term, talking years. been relying on dating apps mainly as all my old night out biddies are setteld with partners, married and buying houses etc. but they havnt seen to get me anywhere. Tinder for exapmle in my area isnt that convenient as out of my city its a fair distance to the next one and a 50 mile radius would give you 40% ocean and another 25% forrest or national park. so all you get is mermaids and sheep. the dating apps havnt got me anywhere except some polite conversation and some flirting (my txt game needs work but that another post another time). it wasnt untill last night i realsied i have zero confidence even when its all been set up for me to act on.

so i went to a roof top bar last night with one of the above mentioned friends and his wife for live music and drinks. it was so hot yesterday that we got there early afternoon and stayed untill closing. it was loud but not to loud that you couldnt chat amongst yourselves. eventaully i had two very nice blondes sit next to me and the friends are hinting that they are nice and i should say hi. after a few drinks later in the night the friends wife thinks she will make new friends and chatted to the girls. they were pretty friendly and they all went off dancing. she returned later and said xx likes you but thought i wasnt interested or was to shy.

i didnt do anything they returned sat near us again but i wouldn't even know where to start or what to say. i dont know where my self confisdence has gone or how to get some back. i had a girl who had admitted to liking me just walk off so to speak. over the past few years of single life my female interaction hasnt been huge outside of txt i guess and im not out as often now to make the most of meeting new people and when i do i have no idea what to say or how to prolong a conversation.
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