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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:39 am 
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Just looking for some advice. Having issues with approaching..I've always been rejected growing up in school from elementary all the way to high school always quiet because people used to always fuck with me, so this was something I guess has stayed with me always told I was unattractive made fun of you know things of that sort. So growing up I became afraid of going out stayed inside and played nothing but video games until one day I said you know what FUCK this. I started going out by myself socializing more and now I go out by myself had made lots of friends I'm able to let go in a social club setting were I can feed off of the energy I've noticed I'm more willing to go up to a girl which I have multiple times have gotten rejected no problem, which now in that area I'm trying to solve how to take them home. But I noticed in a more calm setting like a coffee shop or the mall or even county fairs I have massive anxiety to approach and it really fucking pisses me off. I just need some advice I NEED to get rid of this because I will refuse to let this fucking disease of having anxiety beat me. I'm on my own don't have anyone in my area to get advice from, most of my friends don't have that go for the kill mentality so I'm alone usually don't want to bring any of weakness in. So if anyone could help me out as to what I could do. I'd appreciate it because I'm angry and tired.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:52 am 
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Remember how you got to the point of where you said FUCK this? Take that same attitude to the coffee shop, mall, and Country Fair.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:22 am 
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You're already going out and taking action right now, so give yourself credit just for that. Almost nobody is doing daygame, even the people that i know who are into pickup (they all primarily do nightgame).

The only long-term cure to your anxiety problem in social settings is to keep exposing yourself to awkward social situations (this is what works for me, i also have your same issues). Talk to people (especially girls) in situations that you normally would think is awkward. I have 2 examples of a couple of drills that you can actually do in the field, that can help you out with your approach & social anxieties.

Example 1: Approach a group of guys that you don't know at the bar. Look friendly, smile, and give them all high fives.

Example 2: Approach a cute or hot girl sitting alone at a table at a Starbucks. Tell her "While i was standing over there..i saw you sitting alone, so i decided to come over and tell you that i think you're cute." when you say this to the girl.

Doing these type of drills daily, will increasingly desensitize you to the fear of approaching people and being social. These are only 2 examples. There's plenty of similar drills that you can do to help you get this issue handled. In most cases..nothing bad will happen, and you will actually make their day. And in will make your day that you offered them value (you'll get value in return). They will give you positive feedback in return. It's a positive feedback loop..stemming from you taking that action. If you don't feel like smiling..fake it! You will still get positive value in return if you commit to the action of approaching people in this type of way.


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that will wish that you had learned game!

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