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DHV stories, negs, C&F, push-pull, ESP routines, qualification, fluff talk, freeze outs, jealousy tactics, & kino tricks.
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Wingman Toronto

Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:44 pm

I am looking for a wing. I am a 45 years old accountant living in Toronto. At my age most of my friends are married or in relationship. Some that are not they are not that serious or motivated to approach women or to go for what they want. I am looking for a friend/wing/brother who's a decent person, motivated, living in or around Greater Toronto area and highly motivated in personal development, to go out bars clubs mall or day game. I am done with theory and need no coaching so if you are a coach I will not be interested to seek your service. At this point my goal is to implement what I have learned however if you want to go out with me I would love to learn from you and seek your feedback. Text me at 647 501 3221 if interested. Thanks
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