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Approaching a model HB 10 and the cube game

Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:43 am

Today, as every morning, I was going to the swimming pool of my hotel enjoying my holidays, and I immediately spotted a blonde German looking girl on her 20's with those sort of Kim Kardashian style swimsuits that are so popular nowadays and let the butt and hips uncovered, tow deck chairs far from where I put my phone and towel. She looked like a model staying there for a photoshop or something and she was alone. I am just an extremely shy teenager with chest hair and my hair were unkept, like totally anti-sex, but after reading Neil Strauss's The Game some days ago I'm like "no fucks given", so I jumped in the pool and as soon as she entered the pool and lawn back on the side of the pool I approached her weirdly with the most embarrassing "Hello" ever. She glanced me weirdly and mumbled "I have boyfriend" (read it with a Romanian accent). I felt so weird but I cut her off immediately saying that I am in a relationship as well, and that I'm a mentalist and asked her if she could give me 5 minutes of her precious time to let me perform a trick to her. So I performed her the cube. As much as I went on with the cube, I noticed that she was just as shy as me or even more, and replied with few words or laughing and lowering her head and smiled shyly as soon as I looked in her eyes. Maybe all HB that are 9 or 10 feel strong and confident when they are with their friends or elegant well groomed boyfriends and wearing fancy Chanel dresses, what do you think about it?
After finishing the cube game and telling her the person she were I thanked her for her attention and waved weirdly and embarrassed, I felt like a loser since she didn't seem interested or impressed, but I noticed she kept glancing over me as I was swimming, and glanced for 30 complete seconds while I was dressing and said a smiling "byeeee" as I went away.
So I think the cube, and many other mind reading games creates this emotional unconscious connection and allows you to build a "misteryous" aura around you and people look at you with respect, as watching one of this magician/mentalists on the television.
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