To the guys who want their ex back!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:32 pm 
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J.Daniels wrote:
Are you trying to get your ex back?
Are you sick of people telling you to move on, because they just don't understand how special your ex was!? You simply can't even imagine being with another girl? It's painful to even refer to this girl as your EX?

Guess what, you're exactly the same as about 60% of guys that join this forum. Your ex isn't anything special (compared to other women) believe me. You know deep down that your ex wasn't as amazing as you're making her out to be. But as humans, we're naturally attracted to that which retreats from us.

Do you know how to make something more valuable? Make it scarce.
The reason I've made that bold is because I want to make 2 points on it:

1.) Your ex only seems so much more special than she did, because you're getting so much less of her attention and affection. Can you not understand how quickly the novelty will wear off and your attraction to her will dissipate when you get her back?

I think to get your ex back can be tough job but one can handle the situation very clearly and patiently. You must have to think things through so that you may get the right solutions to what happened between you and your ex.

2.) Knowing what you know above, why are you still too scared to make yourself scarce? Why are you still reassuring your ex that you'll always love her, and you're the one for her? That's just communicating that she can come back to you at any time, if her other options don't work out - you're being her safety net! It's a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear! so for the final time, make yourself scarce!

Stop being so selfish, and date other women. Unfollow your ex (and hide her posts) on all social media websites. Delete your ex's number. Either she'll get in touch and you can arrange a date (in the evening, not a coffee date, not with your ex) or somebody better will come along and you won't care.

Do you REALLY think we don't understand your situation? Every single guy trying to get his ex back has said the same as you. I've been in your position about 5 times now, each girl was "different" and "this PUA stuff wouldn't work on a girl like her" lol. I finally decided to man up, and it changed my life. We don't tell you to forget her and move on just because we can't be bothered to help you. We tell you because it's the quickest way to get over her, but it just so happens that it's the most likely way to get her back.

In the meantime you should be focusing on improving every area of your life! Here are some tips on how to stop being such a pussy, and be the guy you deserve to be:

Build some muscle - working out makes you happier, scientifically proven and shit.

Take up a new hobby/get back to an old one - maybe you always wanted to learn how to play the drums? Maybe you even did, but you just haven't had the time for a while... get back to it! Why not do something you love?

Give yourself a makeover - I mean go all out. Whiten your teeth, buy a new wardrobe full of clothes, fix your hairstyle. Watch how much your confidence rockets.

Go for a promotion - this one isn't always possible, but why not? It's always possible to work hard, even if a promotion isn't on the cards. It'll keep you distracted during the boring part of your days.

Go out and meet new women!!!! - No excuses, stop being a pussy. I don't want to hear any crap about how you're "not ready". You're a grown man so act like one. Bang 5 girls and tell me your ex still seems as special, I dare you!

TL;DR: Stop being a pussy. The strongest negotiating position is to be able to walk away and mean it, so move the f*ck on and be the guy that you deserve to be, for other women.

I think wanting your ex back would be fine only when there is real need of Importance regarding the Ex lover back. All you can do is just find a better women who understands you and keeps you grounded.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:48 pm 
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J.Daniels wrote:
Any updates? Success stories? New problems?

My ex and I worked at the same place, she left after the breakup so we obviously share mutual friends. I've not seen or talked to her since the breakup in January but I found out today but one of my mutual friends tried to hang out with her but she couldn't because "her boyfriend wouldn't let her"

It's a shame she's in that situation, I felt a weird feeling of slight happiness that she's in that situation and anger because I know she's probably not happy. It passed in like 10 minutes, was just a strange thing.

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