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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:15 pm 
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If I'm posting this in the wrong part of the forum, please move. This are some of my thoughts, and if you disagree, pleae feel free to answer below. I'm not an English native speaker, so please excuse any errors.
I guess we all agree that visual porn is mostly a men thing. Some women are watching porn, but in much smaller numbers and far less. Even some of those "porn sites for women" mainly cater to gay men. Obviously I generalize, but visual porn depicts what men fantasize about, which is getting straight to the point, lots of hot girls (lesbians anyone) and !lots! of sex.

Now that we have that, the question is, is there some equivalent, that could be seen as porn for women? Yes, it's called erotica, erotic literature, erotic fiction or sometimes "romance". Remember 50 Shades of Grey? That's female porn, sold in staggering numbers. Women, and I'm generalizing, don't like large images of genitalia (men do), they don't like getting down to business the minute they see a men. That's why there are so many guys running around, desperate to get laid, because girls like to go slow.

Taking an digression into biology, the reason is simply evolutionary. For men it's more „hit and run“, as men can potentially have thousands of children, and don't have to go through pregnancy. Women on the other hand can have on average maybe 10 children, and 9 month pregancy is not only stressful but also dangerous (especially in stone age circumstances). Evolutionary speaking, what kind of characteristics in males and females will these environmental conditions favor? Would it be smart for women to have sex with the first best male they meet, or is it smarter to hold out for someone with good genes? Moreover, would it be smart to „test“ this prospective partner, if he would be a good father, who can provide for his children (and not simply run away)?

Summarized, is it smart for girls to be picky, in evolutionary terms, when it comes to choosing a partner? The answer is pretty obvious, and that's why many girls don't f*ck on the first date. It's biologically programmed, deep-wired. The same is true for men, just the other way around. What does that all means for you? You need to master the game the way girls like to play it, or you don't play.

Returning to the topic. Now that you know why girls are more picky, you might want to know where you can learn more about what girls fantasize about, how they like to roll. Here we come back to erotic fiction, to romance and love stories. Borrow 50 Shades from your mother (kidding), or go to a free erotic stories site for women, like https://noveltrove.com. Read some of those stuff, which women love to read, to get into their mindset. You will learn that sex doesn't happen within the first minute, like in male porn, but in the extreme case maybe on page 30. Girls like it slow, they don't want your dick pics, after meeting you the first time for a quick coffee. Take your time, be confident and understand why women are different, and you will be a winner.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:57 am 
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While visual porn used to be a man thing, more and more women are watching visual porn in private. With google analytics and credit card information for purchases, women can no longer hide the fact that they also enjoy men's porn. This has been proven by a woman researcher by combining interviews, MRI equipment and a device that measured vaginal wetness as women were subjected to visual porn. The women research subjects said they were disgusted by the porn show and yet the pleasure regions of their brains were intensely stimulated plus they had unusual wetness in their genitalia. Another researcher found out that women are as visual as men when it came to choosing partners for booty sex and the difference is insignificant. Before Alexa.com became a paid service, you can verify that playgirl.com visitors are mostly men (gays) and a very small volume are women. Since playgirl started out as a glossy magazine, it is more of slut shaming than preference that women stayed away from the publication. Nowadays, women are increasingly watching pornhub in the privacy of their rooms when no one is looking, are paying for it, and the trend will continue upwards.

Literary erotica used to hide the fact that women love sex more than men do. If they were reading a book instead of carrying a glossy magazine of naked, well hung men around, people are likely to perceive them as intelligent, serious and reserved instead of horny toads who just can't get enough of sex. Again, this obsession with porn can no longer be hidden with the medium as credit card information are quickly processed with powerful computers compared to, say, 10 years ago. The reason why the sexual content in literary erotica is hidden in page 30 onwards is to hide the fact that the book women are actually reading is porn so those who are not readers of literary erotica will not perceive them as sluts should they scan the book for a dozen or so pages. It is not accurate to say that women do not want to fuck on the first date, most of them want to if you can show them that you won't judge them as sluts. I have fucked many women on first dates and their panties are dripping wet already when I pull them after a brief meet up at a coffee shop or 7-11 so they won't look like a slut. Women know and are very excited about it that when a man goes out on a date with them, he wants sex like they do.

While Trivers' Parental Investment Theory is cool and reputable, you are citing the wrong reason for your wrong assumption. Women prefer longer foreplay because genetically, the average man who busts his load within two minutes will likely cum when a woman rubs or handles his cock and is unlikely to get her pregnant without the penis in her vagina. This way, she is assured that her potential offsprings will only be fathered by physically fit, healthy men. Taking it slow has an evolutionary basis when it came to preference for foreplay but that does not discount the fact that women still want to fuck on the first date with a physically fit man who knows how to manage the social stigma of a woman being labeled a slut.

Several studies are available out there that show women prefer one night stands and short term relationships with masculine (physically fit) men and prefer long term relationships and withhold sex for a long time with men (those that they can easily control or manipulate) who are committed to taking care of and are willing to make a good deal of parental investment for their offsprings (that are probably fathered by masculine men).

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