Sexual innuendoes and teasing - examples and principles

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:34 pm 
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Sexual innuendoes are great, if a woman leaves that door cracked even just a little, I’ll bust it wide open like the Kool-Aid man.

There are many types of sexual innuendoes. In the above example, I never articulated sex. Therefore, unless the girl chooses to articulate sex, sex is never articulated. But the girl knows, as well as you, that the underlying message of the interaction is sex.

A large category of sexual innuendo is to imply that the girl wants sex.

By implying that a girl wants sex, you accomplish the following:

1. You're parading yourself as an attractive mate, but you aren't explicitly pursuing her. Therefore, she can't reject you. More importantly, you avoid the problem of coming off too creepy, which sometimes occurs with direct sexual language.
2. By teasing her, you focus attention on her as a fun sexual being.
3. You set a fun, sexual tone for the interaction.

It is important to note the difference between these sexual innuendoes and direct sexual language.


Girl, "It's hot in here."

Response A: You know - one way to cool down is to take off your clothes.
Response B: Girl, you can insinuate all you want, but I'm just not going to take off my clothes for you!

Response B is more subtle. I generally prefer Response B.

Or Response C: I know it’s hot in here. But that’s no excuse to take off your clothes.

Sexual innuendoes play into cocky & funny, too:


Girl, "I shouldn't hang out with you so much."
Me, "Well, it's not really your choice, is it...I'm just too sexy to resist."


Girl, “I shouldn’t come over, it’s late.”
Me, “Why you don’t think you can keep your hands off me?”
Girl, “Well I’m not having sex with you!”
Me, “Good, I feel much safer now. I can keep my virginity.”

Random examples.
-“I want to quit using sexual innuendos, but it’s hard….so HARD.
-“Sorry I wasn’t paying attention, I was fantasizing about pinning you up against the wall….”
-“Since the 1st time I saw you I knew I was going to have real or imaginary sex with you.”
-“That sexy dress is making me feel a little uncomfortable, could you please take it off.”

Please continue this thread……………

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:30 am 
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Especially helpful for intermediate to advanced players.

Her: Bad News :(

Me: You're not sending a nude :(

Her: Well that and my period :(

Me: Ah, heh, I see, a good time for anal am I right

Her: lol yeah id say so. It doesn't matter much to me regardless I just don't want to bleed on you lol

Update: Botched the dominance by using a ? to our meetup.

Me: My sheets are red...if we aren't adding another shade... we are doing it wrong..I'll see you around 11:30

Her Ugh my sister is taking my moms car :(. Can you pick me up? Pleaseeee

Me: Aha I can do that 11:30 sharp ;)

Her: Yes sir :)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:58 pm 
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^ kind of like when cocky funny got out of hand...but it's a good disclaimer to remember

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:44 pm 
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Good thread.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:49 am 
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Da wrote:
. I don't like to bait women to reject me. Funny zingers are a luxury if you're good enough to have that lee-way and women will overlook this. Silly jokes are fun but can get sloppy. In the beginning of meeting a women in a night game setting, especially.

Sexual innuendo's are not bait for rejection, ignorance is. The benefits of a well timed sexual innuendo far out weigh the potential (if any) down side.

The point of a sexual innuendo is to gather intel, to read both her verbal and physical response. It is also to create a flirty/sexual fun environment. It's also a great way to express sexual attraction, something I've noticed a lot of people around here have issues with.

Sure, we have fun dating women, but it may be far of a stretch to say these zingers are what get women going. It's definitely something else, OP.

These "zingers" may not be the key that opens the floodgates but it does not mean they do not help.

I take optimism in knowing that women are already thinking about sex and I don't have to speak about it. The real "sexual innuendo" can be circumstantial not just verbally expressed.

Yes women think about sex but not with the same prospective as men, women's have multiple layers where as ours have few. Assuring her of your physical interest will make things clear and save a lot of potentially wasted time.

It is also a sexual tension killer if not done well.

Anything not done well will suck. If sexual tension exists then so does attraction, If attraction exists but both parties do not know of the others attraction, sex will not exist.

In short, expressing your attraction in any way will always be a good thing, sexual innuendo's when done right are a great way to do so.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:01 am 
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Some Sexual Innuendoes Principles

1. Reciprocity.

Some girls will start the sexual innuendoes. It is in your best interest to reciprocate the woman's sexually charged content. Start by mirroring her innuendo to calibrate if the girl wants to escalate the innuendo.

For example (this happened awhile ago in my Strategic Cost Management class prior to a 42-item quiz):

HB8: Don't cover your answers during the test. I want to look at those.

MC: Do you really want to look? [Mirrored what she said.]

HB8: (Segued into a naughty giggle.) Of course, I want to look at it! [She escalated with a naughty giggle.]

MC: (I stood up to fix my zipper.) [Mirrored her nonverbal escalation.]

HB8: (Screeched and looked at my crotch.) [She escalated again.]

MC: What I meant was, do you really want to look at my answers? [Released the tension for the emotional rollercoaster ride.]

HB8: Yes. Yes. I want to look at your answers. (Sticked her tongue out and wet her lips.) [She kept on with the escalation.]

MC: Okay. You can look at it all you want. Just don't touch it.

2. Pull or Marinate?

During the SI interaction, you have to assess whether it's logistically possible to go for the pull or just let the SI interaction marinate if the pull is not possible.

In the case above, the pull was not possible because I have to submit a school requirement after class. I decided on a number close instead.

3. Intrusive Thinking.

Let the girl think about the sexual imagery you've built with the SI when you haven't noticed any reddening of her face or ears during the interaction. Give it some 8 to 12 hours then escalate harder. Otherwise, go for the instadate and pull when you see those visual cues.

4. Online Sarges.

For online sarges, go immediately for the SI so you won't waste time. If the girl is receptive to your SI online, the f-close on the first meet up is highly likely.

5. Takeaways.

If you tried baiting the girl for a SI interaction and she is not receptive to it, give her a takeaway. If she initiates contact, stop the SI and just go for the pull: "Let's go for some coffee and donuts at 7-11." Escalate physically on your way to the bounce place and then pull to your apartment.

Approach. Open. Escalate. Isolate

Here are my two essential rules on texting that will save you tons of time and money:


PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:13 pm 
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I was reading the topic and just couldn't remind me of anything I sad (I did that in the past but I don't remember now what I was saying...) but the Monsignor's "zipper situation" reminded me of something I did last summer (haha I know what I did last summer).

This is not much (have been almost idle with women for several years now, but I'm coming back in big steps I feel - thanks to you all here) but I will say it anyways...

Last summer I went to the sea by myself and when I got there (about 30km from my friend's, where I was) I realised that I hadn't brought my swimmwear. I decided to swim anyway, and when I got to a beach, I saw there 3 Canadian girls (one Asian and one from Bosnia who also spoke my language). I started talking to them and after short I told them about "my problem", and they said like I could swimm anyway, no-one would notice my underware. I unbuttoned my shorts and sad like: "yeah but there is this little button here on my underpants (pointing my finger to my dick), so everyone will know", and smiling (they were 16 years younger than me, so this might have been weird but...). They covered their mouth with their hands (edit: and looking away quickly) like seeing something bad, but they laughed and I can say they liked me more. The hottest (8.9/10) I could see it in her eyes and the way she talked to me. When I said I could be her father (yes I said that, pervert am I sometimes) she said "no, my parents were born like 1975". And the Asian girl (8/10) remembered afterwards some details from things I had talked to them about, so... it was OK.

Edit: I don't know what it looks like when I explain it like this, but I would never suggest this to someone of my age (I look much younger) or someone inexperienced because it might seem weird (or more than weird) especially that I did it short after meeting them for the first time, as far as I remember. I just got the feeling and I did it...

Also today I texted a woman I've known for a long time now (who is not that young but still hot!!) through facebook (I hate that but there's no other way) "are you shy" and when she said "yes" (I got turned on) I told her "so you're a shy llittle girl... you should spend more time with me, so I could spoil you, because I'm bad" (here I used a word that would mean something like bad/spoiled/kinky/wicked - I'm not sure but anyway "bad" with a sexual conotation).

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