I pissed her off and need to turn it around

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:05 am 
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When I first met her, she was sitting on the opposite side of me at a lunch table (outdoor), and she asked for me to hand over a vegetable dish.

I playfully refused it by making silly excuses and a few seconds later, I 'reluctantly' handed it over to her. But I didn't let the dish go. She knew I was playing a game with her and jumped on it immediately. A few minutes later when I asked her to hand me over something, she did what I did. I slapped her hand lightly. Ha ha.

Two weeks later ( this time indoor) she was sitting by my side at a long lunch table (this was a group setting) and I have noticed she finished her lunch completely and the dish was clean. Nothing left! It was nothing special but she giggled at my reaction and comment to it (Wow look at the way how you cleaned the dish!)

But when I said something like, "[she] cleans dished better than my dog." One of the people sitting around us thought it was somewhat offensive and said 'How can you compare a lady with a dog."

Unfortunately I couldn't see her reaction to my comment and other's.

Now a week later ( today) her response to me became quite different. It became kind of cold and non responsive from being smiling, giggling, and in a playful mode.

It was obvious she was pissed by my comments or someone else's comment at that moment.

Looking back I should have said something funny to turn things around then.

I am not trying to win her over or anything, but it is simply awkward to go on like that.

Any comments are appreciated.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:47 am 
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