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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:40 am 
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So I have a question. I am trying to attract Christian college girls as I am Christian myself and in college. I am not sure where Im going wrong, but Im having trouble. I always gain a Christian girls interest but I rarely keep it.

And I mean. I have all the tools to be attractive. I have a completely different take on Christianity and some of its doctrines than most Christians so I have that going for me. Plus I have a cool backstory that I am pretty positive I can work to my advantage romantically speaking. I used to be a homeless person but now Im an A college student. Christians usually eat stories like that up. But for some reason, I havent figured out how to calibrate my advantages romantically so any advice anyone could give would be good.

Also, can anyone give me advice on how to get past all the cockblocking that goes on? Those of you with no experience at all with Christians will laugh at me not being able to get around cockblocking. But what you don't understand is that cockblocking in church-land is far more intense and effective than that which goes on in a bar. A Christian girl will almost always get like 20 people in her ear trying to make her as uptight as possible when its discovered she has a love interest or is dating someone. It literally comes from all sides and can screw up your game in so many ways

For the record, Im not just looking to get laid. I am looking for the right girl, so to speak. Any help here would be wonderful

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:50 am 
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Girls are girls regardless if you are or aren't looking to get laid. If your being the cool Christian guy in a room full of cool Christian guys, you are still a regular guy. You have to be willing to find your balance to live within your own morals and at the same time be able to demonstrate that you're a sexual being. If you are doing that and all of the other guys are being the average Christian then you will not have to worry about cockblocking.

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