How To Pick Up Milfs! Ultimate Guide 8+ Years Experience

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How To Bang a Milf Guide

I Have Been in The Game For Years and Now Most of My Lays Come From Hot Older Women: Milfs, Cougars, Lonely Housewives. I love younger girls too, but there is defiantly something amazing about banging a hot milf. They Just ooze a Sexual vibe and love sex so much more than any younger Girl would. They also worship YOU if they like you! If you are an 7 your a 9 for them if you an 8 your a 10 for them. Thats because our only competition is a lot of older guys that are either married or sloppy in appearance or if they are successful and handsome Clooney types they want the younger puss. Anyways the Milfs I have banged have been on Average way hotter than the younger Pussy (especially Body wise, Plastic Ds and round gym yoga butts) and significantly easier IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!

We Got three ways To Hit up Milfs I will List them in order of Hardness:

1. Daygame: Daygame Milfs is by far the HARDEST way! Why? Social Pressure, she sometimes feels akward about you being so direct since your atleast a decade or more younger than her, also many times you don't know if they are Married/have family. My best Approaches are done either indirectly by asking simple style indirect openers such as the famous Roosh's Pet shop Opener then rambling and forcing her to ask certain questions about you. Then give her compliments unlike young girls that giving compliments and shows your betaness if you compliment too much or too early, milfs love it when a confident young guy give her a compliment. Tell her you think she looks great, and when she tells you her age just say O wow I thought you were close to my age and don't talk about it anymore (unless she wants to after you have sex, turns her on... =) ). Pretend to be lost and need someone cool to show you around, it will make her feel youthful again you choose her. If you are a good looking guy and don't see a ring go very direct and tell her shes hot you will get lots of blow outs, but some amazingly hot milfs will love your raw sexual power. Side note: Day Game is not very effective and should be using it only as bonus

2. Night Game: Hit Cougar Clubs, older party, charity events anything where 40+ women go, look your best, workout etc. And just flirt a lot this will get you very far, and then feel it out if shes turned on go caveman and try to pull or hint towards something sexual. If you don't feel strong sexual vibe pretend to be new and need someone to show you around as in day game, sounds lame? But trust me Milfs get the message and appreciate your discreetness. (Night game can work if your a good looking guy, but for others it maybe harder)

3. Online Game: This is by far the Most effective way of me getting consistent sex with the hottest milfs around, there is so many lonely older women that want to be plowed and unlike younger women they don't give a f... about attention or validation they just want to be pounded, they really need it like us guys. The Key is to sign up for as many Milf/Older women sites as possible, and usually 2-5 is enough (PM if you need more). Get the best pictures ever then edit it using fiverr (site that doesn't simple jobs like photo editing so they guys can touch it up really nice, model like , PM me and I will send you a link for a free fiverr Gig, so you don't have to pay CHIT, And the great thing is all these sites are FREE so the more the BETTER! Yes you have limited function you can message 5-10 messages a day but if you have 4 sites going you can hit up 20+ Cougars a day, more than enough, I usually send them something funny like "Can you tell me the name of the model in this picture"? And spam on multiple sites to many girls, say something cheeky, Milfs love it. Don't go directly for date, KEEP flirting. Then Validate her and say You Seem Cool =), Lets grab a drink.

Dating: Simple Take her somewhere fun if she has cold feet about sex: Dancing is by far the best way! But walks are also good for the shyer types, Make feel young! If she seems down just invite her over and fuck her.

Young girls are great but sometimes they play TOOO MANY GAMES! Have a good solid Milf in the rotation is a must to keeping your sanity, Constant sex! And most of the time they PAY for everything, and to be honest are pretty cool to chill with!

NOTE: MIlfs Especially those on those older women dating sites, they want to banged (thats why they are on their), Hair Pulling, and rough sex is usually the Standard =)

I am bound to add that the excess in too little has ever proved in me more dangerous than the excess in too much; the last may cause indigestion, but the first causes death.
-Giacomo Casanova

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