10 cardinal sins to avoid when trying to seduce women

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:01 pm 
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10 cardinal sins to avoid when trying to seduce women from the streets This can make or break the seduction.

1. Poor body language, especially a poor voice(projection, tonality) Maintain a strong, dominant voice. Also don't talk too fast. Talk in a moderate, calm, confident tone and inject deliberate pauses. Talking too fast conveys nervousness, anxiousness and will trigger these emotions from within any woman you are talking to. She will start to feel "odd, weird" and blow you out.

2. Focus on closing her, not on simply conversing with her. Your goal is to approach her, engage her, once you see some instance of interest, you need to get her to invest in you by stopping yourself from carrying the conversation solely. Levy that on her, make her carry it, this will make her work for you, this is what will raise your sexual value in her eyes, then you make her feel a bit of rapport with you, gather intel on her living situation, logistics, what she's up to right then and there, check to see if she is open to meeting up later or bouncing somewhere right then and there and move the interaction forward. Each minute your goal is to test for interest and openness from her to move the seduction to the next step until you reach the end zone. DO NOT engage her in logical, sequitur drawn out, overly drawn out conversational threads like her psychologist, buddy or co worker that she's friendzoned.

3. Don't talk to her like a friend would. You need to telegraph intent, be bold with her, lead the interaction, tell her to do things, tell her what you like, don't like, what you expect, your views, be indifferent, break rapport with her if she acts in a second class way, pass her shit tests. Ref James Tusk​, you need to create a male to female polarity. This means. you need to be a man and talk to her like a woman. This means to be the dominant one. I'm sorry if this sounds sexist but facts, biology and evolution are just that. Facts. All females of any given specifies respond sexually to males in their species that act "male" to them. This makes them feel female in energy. This "male-to-female" polairty creates raw, sexual attraction.

4.. If a woman shit tests you, tells you to do something, asks you a question to see if she can get you to qualify yourself to her, don't fall for it. Be indifferent, answer if you feel like it, ignore her, switch the conversation in your direction, hold court.

5. Never ask a woman if she is single.. This is because she may not be but still may want to get together with you. By you asking her that question, it creates a feeling that you are NOT okay if she is not. Hence she will not be okay with it at this point, if she is not. Just don't bring it up. Let her.

6. If a woman gives you a weak or abrasive, initial reception, don't just walk away with your tale between your legs. Hang in there, try at least 2 or 3 more conversational threads or gambits. One of them will stick. Ref my set with the hot Australian tourist from yesterday.

7.Never give a woman your number. If you do, then tell her to text you immediately. You should be taking hers. It is your job to proactively message her, text her, set up a meeting, etc. If you leave this to a woman, she WILL not do it. Not even to Brad pitt. It's our job to be the hunters, gatherers. If your phone is dead, ask her to send you a message on whatsapp, instead of just give her your number to store it. She ha s a lot of things on her mind and will most likely not remember usually to text you. So tell her to text you right then and there and store your number.

8. If you are not feeling any vibe with a chick or you feel that she is just not investing or enthusiastic about the interaction, don't force it down her throat. Next her. It takes more game to next a chick than to force feed her. This will teach you to be detached from the outcome. This attitude is paramount in importance to seducing women and being successful in all aspects of the manosphere.

9. If you are talking to two chicks, don't just pay attention to your object of desire include her friend in the mix, here and there. You never know if she's the Alpha, leader influencer. If she's not and your girl is, then your girl will respect that you are respecting everyone in her social hierarchy. Only a real top social pyramid PIMP does this. It will raise your attractiveness in her eyes, your status in her eyes and will garner a lot of respect from her.

10. Talk is cheap. Keep the conversation to a minimum from your end. Don't do all of the talking and don't talk too much about any one particular topic. Keep it short, sweet. More important push the interaction forward.

So like
Hey, I'm super blunt, you cute. I'm Omar what's up?

her. Hey, nice to meet you.

Me. Thanks. So what's on tap for today?

Her. Just going to school?

Me. Nice, you're learning how to read. I like that(jokingly)

her. Laughs.

Me. You Italian, I know. I can tell. Don't ask me how I know.
See just making bold statements, short, abrupt. Not asking boring or balls giving personal , rapport seeking questions.

Her. No, I'm Greek.

Me. Same thing. lol. So you live around here, any kids, pets, (notice I don't mention partner, husband). Don't want to put that in her head in case she wants to meet me outside of the relationship.

Her. Nope. I live 20 minutes from her. All alone.

Me. cool. I'm in Midtown.

Her. Oh nice. My friend lives there.

Me.. One of my GF lives there also. I'm only kidding ....well partially....(See this is called push/pull, tension looping) you have nice calves(while staring at her breasts). I meant the ones attached to your legs.lol I'm sorry, I'm so bad. I really meant the ones on your legs. See I'm not even a breast guy. More of an ass guy. Don't know how my eyes latched on to yours:))) Hope I didn't offend ya. I'm just playful and feelin great .

See this shows dominance, I'm an animal, sexual, playful, but also respectful, See how I'm creating this intersexual polarity here. Not just talking to her like a friend?

Then we fluff talk for a bit.

Then I say, look I gotta go also but how about we grab a walk, coffee or drink in the next few days. are you interested?

Ask for the sale.

Her. Most likely "Sure, here's my number" or she'l say no or whatever. It doesn't matter. Just go for it. You'll hear more yes(s) than nos after a while if you play your cards at this platinum level.

Most guys don't even ask for the sale. Just go for it. As Wayne Gretzky, NHL Hall of Famer says "Every shot not taken, is a shot missed".

Most likely, if she is into you, she'll oblige. and say yes.

Anyways I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions and want to roll with me in Toronto or take a live training program with me, visit my site http://www.themaaximumlife.com
If in London, Uk, check out my partner James Tusk at http://www.project-tusk.com

Have a great weekend

Omar aka "The Wolf of Toronto".

Omar aka McMaax
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:03 am 
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Gretzky or Michael Jordan? Reality is that's a random phrase someone made up for a poster and it gets attributed to athletes all the time. Do better.

These hos ain't loyal

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