A Threesome That Turned into a Twosome

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:58 am 
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I met up with my wingman around 11:30 and the first set we opened was the last set we opened. He hooked with his girl and I was a good wing by chilling with the short Asian friend. After 10 minutes things got ridiculous with her and she couldn’t take it so she stepped away. Then I noticed a tall blonde talking to my wingman’s girl. So I go in and I know within 5 minutes that as long as a logistical problem doesn’t come up or I don’t do anything stupid, it’s in the bag.

For the next two hours we bounce around to all sorts of bars in LES. I had started making out with my girl at some point and it was good. Around 2, after the third bar rejected us because my wingman’s girl had an expired ID, we decided to call it a night. I got an Uber for me, my girl and another girl who was staying with my girl.

We get to my girl’s house which is in bumfuck Manhattan and everyone gets comfortable. I’m wondering how this is going to work because I’ve noticed that the friend likes me as well which might make things difficult. But it sorts itself out in the kitchen when we all have a drink. I kiss my girl and the friend starts running her hand on my stomach. I put my arm around her and slowly bring her in, all the while talking to my girl. This whole escalation process is very slow and goes on for what feels like ten minutes. Apart from this crazy night in London I’ve basically never done this and I’m freestyling. I don’t want to lose my girl by going after the friend, but as things progress I can tell she feels comfortable. So I kiss the friend, then my girl, and I try to bring them in for a threeway makeout but they don’t kiss each other.

“It’s so hot in here” I say.

“I know” says my girl. “Should we go to the living room or bedroom?”

That’s an easy answer and we all end up in the bedroom. It progresses from there. I take my shirt off, take their shirts off and start sucking on their boobs. Then I finger them both at the same time. However, even though the friend gives me a blowjob I can’t get hard. The friend isn’t really that cute which doesn’t help, I jerked off earlier which means I’m not at maximum horny and I’m sort of nervous. So after a while it basically goes to shit, I start ignoring the friend and just focus on my girl. I know that I’ll have no problem getting hard for her without the friend there. Without attention the friend leaves, I finger my girl and make her come three times and then we hook up. We hooked up again this morning, I told her I wanted to see her again and then I left. Walking out into the living room the friend was passed out on the couch with a tank-top and no pants. Her pussy staring us in the face like this scene from Bob’s Burgers haha.

I say to my girl “Do things like this always happen in your house?”


*Focus on the action, not the result. Obviously the night turned out really cool and I had a blast. But I want to mention something equally awesome. In the time between getting off the subway and meeting my wingman at the bar, I opened three girls on the street. I never do this and so I’m super fucking proud of myself. I feel just as good about having pushed past some comfort zones and done some cool new shit as I do about the sex. If you go out and care too much about the result you will get punished over, and over and fucking over. And it fucking sucks but it teaches you to focus on what you can control, like approaching a lot and running your best game.

*I have almost zero regrets that the threesome didn’t happen. Mostly it would have been cool for my ego and to tell some wings about it. However, in terms of how it would have actually changed my life, there’s virtually no effect. Also, I learned a lesson. In the future I would be bolder and push harder to get the girls to make out with each other. They sucked on each others boobs but that’s it. When I do have my first threesome I want everyone to be really into it.

*I’m exhausted. I got 4 hours of sleep on Friday night and a hazy hour at most last night. But it’s great, what a weekend! No-go bathroom pull on Friday, no-go threesome but great twosome on Saturday, who else but guys in game get to experience awesome shit like this!

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Awesome post!

Only thing I can say is that you did have your first threesome, and it was hectic.

Like you said, don't focus on the finish line, that will help with the anxiety too.

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