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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:56 pm 
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You seem to have pretty advanced game for a guy who doesn't do cold approach pickup a whole lot. Because i just get the sense that you do mostly online approaches. You displayed a very strong frame with the HB8.5 Chick named Jenna, so much props to you for holding your ground with her the way that you did. Her request for you to pay for the cab & the cover was probably a shit test, to see if your frame would give into hers. And most often times that AFC type of frame is a deal breaker. The girl will lose attraction for the guy almost immediately the second that he gives into her frame. can still save the frame if you give into hers on this one particular instance, but you must display a very strong frame with any other test that she throws at you afterwards. Which will bring me to my counter point.

You actually could've accepted paying for the cab and the cover. Now i know that you might think that is an AFC thing for me to tell you to do, and is counter-intuitive to the point that i was making in the above paragraph. But i will explain it to you coming from a different mind set and perspective that might make you rethink your stance on that a little bit. If your focus with the HB8.5 chick named Jenna was just going for fast attraction for a makeout and a number close, then what you did in your field report was excellent. But if your focus was establishing more trust and comfort with her and then going for the pull..then you probably should've paid for the the cab fair & cover. You could look at it as a shit test, to see if you could stand your ground and hold your frame against hers (you vs her), or you could look at it as an ioi/test, to see if she could trust/rely on you to have her back, making you worthy of taking you home with her tonight. At that point..she probably wasn't ready to go home yet (or let alone..go home with any random guy yet). And she probably wanted to see if you weren't going to be like the typical cheap asshole (who says "Fuck that! I ain't paying for that shit!") who wouldn't have her back and pay for the cab fair. Had you done could've bounced to that after hours spot with her. And at that would've developed enough rapport, trust, and comfort with her (giving you the advantage over any other random guy from this point on, who will try to AMOG you while you're there with her) that you might've ended up going home with her for the full close at the end of the night anyway. So that's just something for you to keep in mind for the future, just in case you believe that what you did was the best thing that you could've done. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, because you did very well here. I'm just showing you that there is another level that you could've went to with the HB8.5 Chick named Jenna.

Even at a bare could've paid for the cab fair and cover, just for the reference experience. Just to see how far it could've taken you with Jenna. Money comes and goes, but reference experience is invaluable.

Number closes don't really mean much to me anymore at this point. As you know..for every minute that time passes while you're physically apart from the girl, that phone number that she gave you will become more and more flakey. So what you want to focus on is pulling, not bullshit number collecting. I played that silly phone number collecting game as well in my 1st and 2nd year into pickup, and it doesn't amount to you getting as much pussy as you may think it does. Most of those numbers will flake. So going for pulling girls for the Same Night/ Same Day Lay (as opposed to number closing girls for Day 2s), is where it's at bro, trust me on this one!!!!! :wink: I'm not saying that you can't get laid from Day 2s, because you most definitely can. Because i've gotten laid from Day 2's a few times. But it's far easier to get laid while the girl's buying temperature is still really high in the moment. You might have to plow way more than you usually have to in order to fuck her the same day or night..but your chances of getting laid this way is alot higher than from a Day 2. There are so many distractions that can come up and excuses that the girl can use as a reason to flake on you, from the time that she gives you her phone number, to the time that you see her again. Besides, if you fuck her the same day/night..she will more than likely give you her phone number anyway, for you to see her again to possibly fuck her again. And all of a you have a fuck buddy. So it's a win win!!


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that will wish that you had learned game!

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