online opener: different from real life opener?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:25 am 
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From what I've read online openers should be kept simple so there's no misinterpretation.... I've also heard women read into things differently... is it better to keep things simple or saying something a bit daring to stand out?(hopefuly in a good way)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:46 pm 
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Find one creative/catchy opener, and just spam it.

Girls get hundreds of messages; so no matter what you say, no one has the time to read all of those and respond to all of those. All of you the guys are the same. Guys on a screen sending opener. Girls usually just respond to who they get around to responding to. Non responses aren't always a reflection of you.

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felipe89 wrote:
From what I've read online openers should be kept simple so there's no misinterpretation.... I've also heard women read into things differently... is it better to keep things simple or saying something a bit daring to stand out?(hopefully in a good way)

They most definitely should be different. While in person a girl only hears what you say and she replays that message in her head in your voice and your tone. When she reads the text, there is no tone and she can read it as many times and for as long or as short as she wants to. If you come on really strong like a lot of coaches's sadly teach, she is liable to read it as if a really gross guy is talking to her or she could read it any way she wants to where in person she can only listen to it and hear it however you said it.

I personally keep it simple and I get a really good response rate since I have paired it to a really well-built profile. Message her with a two sentence copy paste text so it shows that you put a little effort into it. If it looks like you put in effort people are much more likely to respond.

I was part of a study back in college where we looked at how businessmen and door to door advertisers can make it so fewer people just throw away their business cards and flyers or other handouts. We found that about 50% of business cards that were handed out were thrown away within the first 5 minutes of getting them when we used the cheapest material, showing little effort put into the design of the product and showing that our investment to buy that business card was low. We then changed the card around to use the top of the line Linen fabric business card, fancy right? We found that the rate at which people throw away the card within the first five minutes dropped significantly. All the way day to only 12% of people threw away the card within the first 5 minutes!!! That is incredible. Why am I talking about this and going off on a tangent? Because it is directly correlated to your question. A business card is a first impression and the first message the potential customer will get from you. So is your first message you send to a girl.

so, after all, that, keep it simple but still make it a two sentence deal so she doesn't just throw away your message so to speak. The first sentence should be something fun and silly meant to make her laugh and start associating happiness and laughter with you, this is to start making her brain crave you but more on that later. The second part should be a really simple question to get her talking asked in a way that she hasn't been asked before or many times. Something like "How is life treating you?" Or "What are you doing with your life?"

Wow, I really went deep on that one. Anyways, hope this helped. Feel free to respond to this if you have any more questions!

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