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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:06 pm 
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I know everyone who has learned about Game has had that first epiphany. that moment of realisation and happiness filling them with energy. My first time overcomming a common fear of approaching sets came to an end yesterday. My friend (Who will be known as Storm) and I decided to go to the local pub for a few drinks. Note Storm is Swedish and has no clue about the game or how to confront women he doesn't know or hasn't met. Because he know's many people in this small town, he relies on people that he has met before he can approach them. I however, had a goal that night that I had to accomplish. I was going to walk up to a random two set and try out my first ever REAL pick up. I bet most of you guys know that anxiety with the first time losing your pickup virginity. All of my social anxieties were forcing negativity and insercuity through you veins when approached new situations. I became socially aware of this social condition and I knew how to deal with it thanks to posts from this forum and other online resources.

I was sitting outside at a patio with Storm telling him I was going to walk up and talk to two girls who were sitting a couple tables away from us. He laughed and told me "good luck" and went to the bathroom excpecting to come back finding me alone at the privious table we were sitting at. Knowing full well what I needed to do, I took a last sip of my beer and walked up to the girls without a thought in my mind.

"Hey girls, I have a question. Do I look like a criminal when I put my hood up?" (In Sweden, the drug dealer opener doesnt really work aswell).
They responded intrigued.
"Well I was just asking because there were these girls who came up to me and said I should take off my hood".

At this point I had a slight panick because I was sitting with two beautiful women, and nothing came to mind after the opening. I realised one of the girls arms was covered in tattoos and I asked her where she got them from. I also took this chance sneak a cheesy kino. after some time tattoo girl left for a moment to go to the bar and get a drinks, leaving me with the other girl. I am not sure she left because I wasn't interesting enough, if she felt my energy or if she was just thirsty but I figured this was the time where I woulf try a DHV routine. The other girl became facinated with the cube and my confidence began to increase. Storm came back and to his suprise I was sitting with a girl. He decides to sit down and join us. At this point the girl who I have been talking to was telling a story. She subetly slipped a "my boyfriend". Now since I would need more practice to understand how to handle a situation like that, I began backing off a little. She was still showing IOI because when I left and told her it was nice to meet her, she asked if I was coming back. I said In a little while if they were still there. But my inexperience was definetly showing.

Going back into the pub, Storm was extatic! "Dude what the fuck! Im so proud of you!" I didn't feel proud. I was looking at the approach as a fail. I was observing all my mistakes and was flustered on not understanding how to fix some of them. I felt new to it all which drove my motivation to increase. Later on that night we began talking to two girls in which one of them was into Storm. I isolated her friend so they were able to talk more privately. The friend was a asian looking girl who was pretty cute but what I could tell from her body language and the amount of alchohol she drank, she was really insecure. A cube test later and I knew I was right. Ive never shown high enough value to have this girl start to follow me around a bar. I was talking with other girls and this aisian girl would always seem to appear beside me not knowing what to say or how to interact with the flow of the group. I was flattered but more astonished if anything. This new skill that I am aquiring were insane. Even at such an early evolution of my game, I was becoming a magnet. I drew girls in without even trying now. All of the theories were suceeding and I couldn't help but smile. It something to read about theories or even watch other people, but to get girls yourself is the best way.

Later on that night when the bar was closing down, Storm invited both girls to go over to his house to chill in his hot tub. I was not interested in the asian girl anymore but to be a homie for Storm, I went along with it. Storm's girl was super hot and he would of been pissed if I denied. Plus who wouldn't want to go hot tubbing at 4 in the morgning? Especially with two cuties. That was deffinetly the higlight of the night. Nothing special happened afterwards however. Even though we could of pulled, I was just learning the tricks of the trade and didn't know certain things like how I should always lead, and I think that was my biggest mistake of that night. I wasn't looking for any sex because I was to focused on what I needed to improve in my game. I also had to get home at some point, and besides, I didn't really want her to come with me. I was pushing but not pulling. She sensed this and decided to call a cab to come pick her up. I felt bad because she made Storm's girl go with, even though she didnt want to go. If I were a better PUA I could of closed in so many better ways.

This was my first real field test and I know It won't be my last. I have assesed the night and the next times I go out it will only get better and better. It's true what they say, You learn more from mistakes.

-Lucky (Zen)

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