First date in 1.5 years

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 Post subject: First date in 1.5 years
PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:15 am 
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Edit: This report involves the use of Tinder, and then a real date. Apologies if not in the right forum subsection.

Alright, so my girlfriend of the last year and a half ordered me to "go on a date and have fun with another woman" because she knows I can get bored. We have threesomes, but she thinks I miss the "thrill of the chase".

I fought it at first, but then caved in when I realized she was very serious, and it turned her on.

So, the first thing I do is hit up Tinder, lol. I create a profile with two photos, one in the gym, one in my car. Pretty basic stuff.

I get a match with what I thought at the time was a so-so woman, 34 years old (this was Saturday). right away I asked her out for a drink to "see how things go."

She said she had a cold, so I texted her, right away, a firm date and time: Thursday, 9 pm at Bar X. She agreed and kept trying to keep the conversation going, but I'd just ignore her texts.

On Tuesday she asks "Are we still good?" I reply, "Definitely. 9 pm at Bar X."

I meet her at a local restaurant/bar. And honestly, I'm taken aback when I first see her. Just stunning. Blonde, 5'9, thin waist, long, feminine hair and big green eyes. The guys in the place are just ogling her.

When I approach her table, she already has a drink. I order myself a water, and we chat. It's clear right away there's chemistry. she compliments me, then asks me if I'm "intimiated" by her. I say "no. Not at all."

I tease her a bit, keep a strong frame, have her do most of the talking. I mean, I keep a really strong frame. I'm friendly, and smile, and use humor and charm.

She says "are you a manly man? Because they are so hard to find." Next she asks "what she can do to make me like her."

About a half hour in, I tell her we're going for a walk. she gets up, grabs the waiter and pays for her own drink (hot). A minute into the walk, I grab her and pull her aside, and go for the kiss, but she denies while embracing me and takes my hand. She turns the talk sexual a minute later, and I go in again, and this time another embrace, with a bonus: She whispers into my ear "I would so love to fuck the shit out of you right now. It's tearing me apart. But I can't do this on the first date."

When we pull away, she's kind of shocked, but smiling. She says "you think you can just sit there and drink your water, charm me, and then bring me out here to make out with me? You think that's how it works?"

I say "yes. I'm an honest man. I just go for what I want."

she says "that's so refreshing. Damn."

I tell her with a grin, "I respect your first date rule", and tell her I had fun. She shows me her new kayak on her car, and embraces me. I cut the embrace short, and tell her it was great to meet her as I walk away. Then she tells me to "conserve my energy for the next date".

Overall, a weird night. I'm feeling uber-guilty about courting a woman solo while I have a gf. But at the same time I wanted the new girl badly.

It was good to get out there, lol. A bit rusty, but not bad.

Edit: Actually I had a few dates last June, 2016 when my gf and I were temporarily split. So 1 year.

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