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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:55 pm 
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I don't know if this classifies as a field report but i think it was pretty funny otherwise.

So I'm chilling in my room, listening to chill music, planning my next move..you know how it goes. Then i get a call. I immediately pick it up because I was expecting one from my LTR who is currently in rehab. I look and see its a CT number, dissapointed i pick it up

(female voice with a very thick new york accent):Is this (my name)?

Fuck, new York accents are kinda scary to me first off, and second off this girl already knows my name and i haven't been gaming many New York chicks. I turn off all my shit, take a deep breath then reply

Me:Really depends on who this is?
her:Im just looking for (My name) is this him?
Me:yes, who is this?

I had been occasionally flirting with this girl from work but she had a child so i definitely haven't spent a lot of energy on it. But, recently i ended up setting a little date. We'll call this girl Ashley

her:This is Ashley girlfriend, I was was just wondering who your calling my girl and talking about chilling and...(kinda goes on)

I had actually called Ashley while she was working and left a voicemail so she could call me back.

(I cut her off) With that New York accent and attitude I could tell were she was going with this. She sounded irritated. I had studied AMOG'ing but i never read what to do in a lesbian encounter. I had to think fast.

Me:(very slowly): I realize this is sort of a minefield now, i wasn't aware Ashley had a girlfriend, but i'm not really surprised.
Her: aaaaaahhh, mhmmm(sounding irritated still)
Me:Hey! You remember that old T.V. show, the one with Flavor Flav?
Me:Remember the little spin-off they did with that woman umm....New York!
Her:(changing tone a bit):Yeah i remembah(New york accent)
ME:Well, you sound exactly like that girl
Her:(starts laughing)
Me:seriously though, deadass. I wouldn't know the difference.
Her: Omg, no one has ever said that too me before.
Me:(realizing whats happenning here and being a dog as always): Yeah no, we should hang out some time actually, I cant picture you as anyone but New York...I gotta put a face to the voice. In fact id love to chill with both you and Ashley...have some fun
Her: Your so funny. Yeah maybe ill come meet you too,maybe ill get a coffee.

Ashley works at the same coffee store as me

Me:(trying to wrap this shit up):So yeah what were you calling me about?
Her:(Now non-chalant) Oh nothing just seeing who this guy was.......
Me:Cool, maybe ill see you later then
Her:yeah okee

So there you have it gentlemen, AMOG'ing lesbians. The most surprising part is i was legitimately nervous. I didn't know what to do, so i guess instinct took over and i redirected the conversation. No, i haven't set up any logistics and no i haven't talk to Ashley. I'm kinda shook, ill probably flake out on whatever date we have then call and discuss her friend, or something.


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