Chronic shoulder pain after injury

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:00 am 
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Okay so I used to be in the Military a few years back and I've been dealing with shoulder pain for a while. it took a drastic dive the past two years and now I'm having trouble lifting my arm above my shoulder. Now just clear things up I've already had x-rays and ultrasound but the docs couldn't find anything. SO I want to know who else has these similar issues and how have you all managed to either fix it or at least regain some range of motion. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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I have torn both my rotator cuffs, and dislocated both my shoulders, the right shoulder was dislocated 4x and I had to have surgery on it.

You should go try to see a physio therapist, even one appointment can be very helpful, they can assess your injury, assess your range of motion, and give you options from there to work on.

Also if you were willing to consider a personal trainer for your health, look for someone who has a degree related to sports medicine.

For me, I had to use 2.5 lb weights, lay on my back and draw the ABC's in the air 10x each day

had to use a resistance band, keeping my elbow pinned in contact to my side while rotating my hand from the center of my stomach, to having my arm in parallel to my body on the outside as I maintain elbow contact to my side

practice pinching my shoulder blades back, sitting as tall as possible and extending my head as high straight up as I could and then rotate my shoulder in a circular motion

use a basket ball, stand tall straight in front of a wall, place the basketball directly in front of you on a wall, and with an open palm, press against it and roll it in small clockwise/counterclockwise circles

work on muscle groups around the shoulder as well, lats/shoulders/traps

avoid putting your shoulder into awkward positions when training it or around it, if it hurts, go easier on yourself as shoulders are VERY easy to re-injure

You should really seek out a physio however, as your injury is likely specific to you and there for will require specific training to help you recover your ROM as best as it can be recovered.

Good Luck.

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