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PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:22 am 
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So I'm probably quite different to a lot of people in this forum. I also had some minor success with women and a lot of friends, so I tried to apply PÚA stuff to my life.

Unfortunately that didn't work. I get no girls and my social circle is completely dependent on my one very social friend. I'm ready to start using pua to change my life!

However, I don't want people I know seeing me do pickup. Is it normal to go to far out areas so that people don't see me trying to pick up girls on the street? How do you start actively improving your pickup. I need a plan to throw myself into all this (I want to get into Day game rather than night). Please give me advice/tasks for getting started!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:06 am 
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I live in a place where I'm always seeing people I already know, yet somehow this has never bothered me. What's the big concern? Friends and family will see you talking to people?

You're not doing anything crazy, just overcoming social pressure and conditioning by chatting to people and building social momentum (which could lead to good connections and possibly dating). I would also recommend doing night game as well, which balances out the daytime activity, keeping your inner game strong to overcome limiting beliefs (ie. This shouldn't be weird - people are people regardless of setting - even if some calibration and extra situational awareness is required in the day).

I know it might feel strange at first, but as long as you're consistently taking action, you'll keep moving forward and "free your mind" to operate more confidently in a variety of settings (and minimise the effect of irrational fears). Persevere through adversity and you'll be rewarded - there is no other way to succeed.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:15 am 
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Your friends and family don't really matter because you can go out solo sarging whenever and wherever you want without them. Or you can find a wing or a social group that is conducive to your pickup lifestyle and meetup with them. And its not like you have to dress up like Mystery in an iridescent fedora with a pink boa and combat boots and inundate your social circle with pickup terminology. As long as you act chill about it, people will just think you are being a little more outgoing or hitting on a girl. The uninitiated do not easily recognize pickup even when they see it. You can do it right under their nose.

Also, don't overthink it. I started studying pickup again recently and was just focusing on getting my inner and outer game on point. I hadn't even gone out on an official sarge yet, then I met someone at the gym. It was a cold approach, but it was just a target of opportunity and I wasn't actually looking to approach anyone that day. Yet I wasn't going to pass up on a prime opportunity so I used my pick up skills in that one moment and landed myself a nice little hottie whom I'm now seeing. Didn't actually take much field time at all to land a potential gf.

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