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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 1:05 pm 
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Hi Guys im back on this Forum i really had long Break before i could thinkg about Girls again i worked alot on my Weight Problems ive lost 30 Pounds by joining the gym 5 times in the Week it helped quite a bit but im still verry insecure being tall and having big Shoulders or what ever dont really help em at all my Confidince is not so high when it comes to Girls Mainly because of the fact that i cannot see the Future and Predicting the Future with Girls feels really hard if not imposble.

The last Relationship ive had was with an Austria Girl that ive met with Online Dating startet out really good but ended really bad and this is Probaly a one of my bigest Problems my Ex Girlfriend Cheated on me with another guy and actually went with him in a Relationship i was really Hearth and depressed broken beause of this ive tried to get her back for Month not giving up keep Calling her Texting her even Sending a Spy to find out where she actuallys lives because she was lieing to me she was saying she lives in another Country now but its wasnt the Truth she still lived with her Parents alltogh she knew im a bit crazy and i can just go to the Train to go to her she dont wantet this to happen so i cant found out she allready has another Boyfriend so basscily all she did was playing Mind games with me lieing and hidden the fact that she allready has Another guy who was more Tall then me had more Money or what ever i have no Idea why she has choosen this guy instand of me i litterly could not have tried harder to get her ive tried litterly everthing but at the End i had to accept that she prefered this other Guy i still dont knwo his Name and i really wanna close this Capture of my life but i still havent found my mistake that made...

Im not looking for any kind of revenge on her but i would Love to know my mistakes because its the first time actually somone stole a Girl infront of my Nose that i really loved and i dont want this to happen again.

I did something wrong but i really ont know what it was i tried my best she allways asked me iff i finnaly have found a Job yet i have found a Job as Fireman but i got kicked out after 4 Month because i had some issues with the Boss even when i finaly had a Job she wasnt Happy i tried to constaly Phone her but she never pickes up the Phone this allready showed me that i cant Count her but i really never tought that she is that mean.

Ok after this Relationship im pretty much confused every Relationship ive had startet with Online Dating never actuallly cold approached a Strange Girl and made it more far then making out together.

So no Relationship from Cold approach so far only with Online Dating i had some luck. Ive used some of the Mystery Tactics aswell from Eric von Markovic and it has worked the first Girl i ever was in relationship with was with 16 i even married her but after 4 Years also this Relationship was over but this is another Story.

Every Relationship ive had made me more and more confused i have no Idea on what i have to work on ive lost all my Confidence because im scared that even if a Girl has interst in me and we are in relationship someone with more money or better looks is going to steal her away from me and there is nothing i can do about beside "Accept it"

When im on the Street i can make Eye Conatct without any Probelms with Girls and also smiling but i cant make the first Step and Engagae coneversetion i have massive Approach Anxiety alot of Negativ Toughts come in my Mind like shes going to reject me anyway or even worse im thinking about maybe my life is in threat if i approach her or her boyfriend is goign to atack me i bassicly see approaching strange girls as life threating thing wich is not good i have no Idea why i have thsi in my mind i really want to be able to say hello or atleast hi or what ever.

I litterly have forgot everthign ive learned before i know the Fact that u gotta fail alot of times to become good but somehow my ego gets in the way i dont allow myself to fail so im not even trying also i take the Judgment of a Girl verry serious if a girl is saying me no ur ugly or stuff like that im beliving it and i can act like it dosent effect me but it will effect me quite alot if a guy tells this to me i dont care a t all but if a girl does i act like it dosent effect me on on the inside it does and i get even more insecure.

What you guys think should be my next move to get back on the Horse i could approach with eas before after drinking a bit of Whine but right now even saying hi while walking by seems to be hard?

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:24 am 
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Well, you learned paragraphing. Now learn punctuation.

You won't get any advice if people have to struggle to read through your ideas. And I know you're not a native speaker. The english isn't the problem. The way it's presented, is.

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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:25 am 
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Your first problem is you are an extreme AFC. Like what you wrote is textbook. The neediness, the stalkerish tendencies, the pity party, the fragility and fear. You have a lot of work to do on your inner game. A lot.

You know that a lot of pick up artists open couples? Social interactions don't always have to be about a guy gaming a girl. Don't be afraid of the boyfriend, just show him respect. You might make a friend. And the girl might have some other girlfriends she could introduce you to. Your self-limiting beliefs will destroy any opportunities you have with things like that if you let them.

Cold approach is only one part of it too. You continue to try and game online or through warm approach with people you know or work with. Don't limit yourself. As far as cold openings, just start saying hi to people as they walk by. Talk to clerks in stores who are paid to be friendly to you. Make observational comments to passers by and drop hooks. "That's a cool t-shirt" or "Those are some wicked boots." Eventually the socialization process will become more natural and easier for you as long as you at least start making an effort and get out of your head!

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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:18 pm 
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Delete your online dating profile

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Come back then and see if your problems haven't fixed themselves

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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 1:27 pm 
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What do you have going on in your life besides women?

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