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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 10:13 am 
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Hey guys,

About a week ago I was sitting in a coffee shop, flirting with the cute waitress. I saw she was interested, but busy with her work. So I was studying by myself in a small side-room, occasionally going up to the bar and asking for stuff.

At the end of the day, she came to my room and said "sorry but it's already 20:00 and we're closing", to which I responded "are you trying to kick me out?" She laughed in an embarrassed sort of way and said she'll start to close the place so I could have a few 10 minutes or so. After 15 minutes, her male co-worker came up to me and said that, time's up pretty much. I empathically replied, "You wanna go home, huh? That's cool. I'll be off." - not neglecting to speak loudly enough for the HB to hear me from the other room as well.

And so I went to the register and started paying. I told the HB that she's kind of cute and that we should get a coffee sometime. I asked her what was her name. I must have overplayed this, because she was so embarrassed she wouldn't give me her number (but just murmur something like 'you could come here...') to which I responded that sitting twice in the same coffeeshop would be boring. For some reason, I tend to avoid small talk with HB's, especially when their male co-workers are hanging around. Probably I have to take care of that (because I'm always thinking, that I wouldn't want to embarrass her in front of her peer. That needs to be done smoothly).
I told her something like "okay you're too shy." closing myself up to her, expressing that I am also embarrassed a bit. I bid her to have a nice day and walked out.

Today I was entering my faculty's cafeteria, which is always dark because people neglect to turn on the lights.
I went to turn on the lights - which have 4 switches, and, being in a good mood, flicked them one after another in perfect rhythm, finishing with a "click" with my mouth and a wink to the first chick that caught my sight - all in the same rhythm.

She looked familiar.

I sat down at the table with my friends, taking care to show dominance over the situation, speaking more loudly than needed... Then I checked out the girl I had winked at. She was checking me out, too.

Than the penny dropped and I realized, it's her! At my faculty!

I seized the day, excused my friends and went to join at their table. Apart from Bara (the HB), there were sitting Jana, and Adam, her friends.

I started up with saying that she's familiar, and if she might be working in a coffeehouse. I remembered her name (as well as the rest of their names, which I made sure to do when pointing at each of them reciting their names) which is a big bonus. I showed a total dominance over the situation, because the three of them giggled like little girls (including the guy) from everything that came out of my mouth.

Then Jana, her bitch-shield (or whatever you call that), tried to kick me away from the table after like 7 minutes, and saying that they need to study. "Go on, feel free to study!" I replied. That had the desired effect... They looked almost dumbfounded, as if I had just slapped the bitch. And then I turned my side to them and said, "but actually, I do have some studying to do as well. I'll go back to my friends now. Bye." and I got up and left, joining my friends.

I dare say, I'm back in the game with Bara. I'm wondering if I should peek into the coffeplace and find a day in which she's working (the coffeeplace is on my way home). And then enter and try to game her again.

But I'm not sure how does that work... She'll be busy working again. And have customers and co-workers and so on.


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