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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 12:18 am 
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so theres this girl(shes 21, me 19).. i worked with her for a couple months never really said much to her. We had some mutual friends we didnt know about until we saw each other at a party. Im pretty bad at talking to people (male or female) that i dont know of their interests. She showed back up at the ol deli i had worked with her for a few weeks again after she started back on the 2nd time working with her she made a low investment invite to me saying to come to a party at her house since the other friends would likely be there, told her id make it happenbut didnt think of asking her number smdh. I got the address at 2 AM from a friend but at that point decided itd be best to stay in. A week or two passes then she was pestering me about when I finally turn 21 assuming to go get drinks(bar scene and the lake are only real activities here in indiana) Where we were working at music was allowed so i guessed around what i thought she listened to apparently i got it pretty quickly she asked me to send her the playlist took the clear oppurtunity to finally get her number and eventually sending it to her. Few days later; however she got fired which put a dent in my plan to just ask her out in person. Shes bad with texting back (just takes forever always get a response) and I have a bad tendency of matching response times which doesnt help when youre talking about hours even a day. Anyways i asked if she wanted to go to the lake so we went we basically just sat there had some decent conversation just way too much awkward silence we had planned to drink and swim but neither ended up happening since she didnt bring her ID. She hinted at me meeting her dogs so i hinted at a concert coming to town saying i had tickets but wouldnt go just to tease a little. It was a "date" by definition 2 people with a plan to do something it just didnt feel like one.no kiss or anything to close the date she just said to text her. when/how should i go about contacting for a follow up or honestly if i even should? I can live with walking away now although id like to try again with her. Let me know what you think, if i should try to get ahold of her today, let her sit on the mediocity of the first date, or what? Without a doubt most complicated female ive dealt with.

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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 4:23 am 
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You screwed up the first date. You didn't escalate. The alcohol is a crutch and the swimming doesn't matter. The date plans didn't go wrong. YOU went wrong. You failed to improvise and escalate. All your other BS about texting and whatever else is also meaningless, because you got your meet up in the end and you still screwed it up.

What you should've done was asked to read her palm. Hold her hand and tell her that what you see is interesting. "This crease here is a good sign. Oh, wait, you shouldn't have this line down here." Why not, she asks. Your reply:, "It's the retard line. MUWAHAHAHA!"

She laughs and slaps your arm. You smile and say no, but seriously, you have really nice hands. Have you ever had a hand massage? (this assumes that you've already youtubed how to give a hand massage.) Then you give her a very sensual hand massage. Eye gazing is happening, all kinds of kino is happening...If you can't at least get a heavy makeout session after that then you got serious issues.

Now, do you see how that is a FAR CRY from all that nonsense you wrote up there about concert tickets, dogs, and ID cards? Do you now understand that focusing on game instead of bullshit is a much more effective strategy.

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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:22 pm 
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It was a date because it was two people together?

So if you went to the concert with one of your friends would you have still called it a date? You think it's automatically a date because you're a man and she's a woman? You think kissing and touching is suppose to happen randomly? You don't think you have to escalate to those things on your own?

The issue here is simple. You treated her like a friend and so she treated you like one. Now you want to send mixed signals so things can be different.

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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:51 pm 
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See your other post.

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