Closed girl at club after 5 months of failures

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PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 12:10 am 
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Hi bros, this is my first report so please give me feedback on the structure and content of the post. I'm here to learn and improve.

A bit of context: was not fucking a girl since 5 months and my confidence with girls was at its minimum since years. I'm based in Berlin, 25 y/o single since a couple of years. Been fucking regularly since I'm 15, with some ups and downs as anyone around here.

So yesterday I walk into this club expecting to meet a friend and share a drink. As soon as I get in I realize that it's packed with hot girls, so my mind shifts to hooking up mode. I get a drink and start looking for the first set to open. I find a couple of girls and I join them dancing and just talking bullshit for a few minutes, then focus my attention on the asian girl and try some kino and escalation with her. She seems interested but I'm not 100% sure I want to go all in with her since she's a 6. I decide to keep it as a backup and ask her number for later. After a while wondering around a bit self-conscious, I realize I got to take action more quickly. There's this beautiful girl, exotic lineage with blue eyes that looks at me. With a random excuse I start talking with her and straight away I find it easy relating and speaking with her. I touch her very smoothly on the hip and on the arm to establish some basic rapport. I then bring her to the bar and offer her a drink. She wants tequila shots. I know that I'm up for a treat. When girls are excited about drinking is always a great great sign. Later I bring her to talk in a less crowded place when my friend arrives and starts cock-blocking my set. I manage to escape from the situation offering the girl another drink and maintaining the alpha status. After the third tequila shot I understand it's the moment to escalate. So I bring the girl to the dance floor and kiss her. Then ask her if she wants to another place, to her home. She says yes. So far it seems effortless. I drive her back to her place and before we enter her home she says: "Don't expect anything from this." I'm like: "Of course, I'm just coming up to drink a hot tea." Once in her room we start kissing and then get into bed and have sex.

What I did different from last times that helped me close the set in one shot:

1. Don't give yourself time to think before opening a set - act fast and adjust later
2. Be more aggressive - set the framework early and don't let her slip away
3. Be straight forward - tell the truth, be playful but sincere and coherent



PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 6:06 am 
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Good job man.

And beware cock blocking "friends."

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 8:22 am 
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That's exactly what I did last time I picked up in town. Except I made it clear to her we were going back to her place to have sex.

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