No nonsense Tinder guide, using a loophole for fast results

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:53 pm 
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Disclaimer long post, but discover this cool new loophole/exploit is well worth it.

Personally, I have never been a big fan of Tinder. Although, due to having such a busy schedule (graduate school and 2 jobs) I have been using the app much more often over the past several months. Below I will detail my approach of gaming the system for fast and consistent results. Specifically, this guide is designed for guys looking to get laid.


-Tinder plus subscript. I am not a big fan of spending large sums of money on women or dating websites, but a tinder plus subscription is necessary to exploit the loophole I discovered.

-Above average looks, specifically guys in great physical shape. (More on this later).

-Aggressive/Dominant frame paired with at least decent Game. If you are not able to be aggressive and pull the trigger then this approach will not work.

The Loophole

Tinder now offers what is known as the boost feature. For those not too familiar with tinder, the boost feature works by essentially letting you skip the line. Your profile is moved to the front of the list for 30 minutes, so therefore you are one of the first profiles women are able to swipe on during the duration of your boost. Worth mentioning is that users will get better results if swiping while using boost.

So here is the trick. The boost feature is pretty valuable when it comes to tinder. I believe the feature is 4 bucks individually, although tinder plus gives users "one" free boost per week. Although, you can get unlimited complimentary boosts by deleting their tinder plus profile after the 30 minute duration, creating a new profile, and restoring your tinder plus subscription. So in short, you can idefinately be one the first profiles women seeing when then they use the app.

The Process

Building on the loophole I described above, the best profile is one that get fasts results and screens women that are not open to getting laid. The boost effect only lasts a half hour, so you need to take advantage of that short time frame. Furthermore, unless you want to spend a lot of time swiping, you need to swipe at night when more women are more likely to meet up for sex (although technically you can swipe anytime during the day and move to the front of the list). Friday and Saturday are best.

For pictures you want ones that are highly sexualized and create lust in women. Going shirtless and showing off your body is usually the best choice. First this creates lust in horny women, and weeds out women that are not willing to have sex right away. If you are not in shape, then I suggest using pictures that make you look like a party animal (pictures with booze, other attractive women, out at the bar, etc.) Horny/sexual women will occasionally overlook your appearance if you seem to have a status and can show them a good time. Leave your description blank. Long lengthy descriptions make you look like a try-hard and good short and original ones are few and far between.

Once you match with another good looking girl, then get her number soon as possible. You want to meet up with women that night when they are still in the mood. Highly sexualized messages, especially those that are more brazen may not work as often, but are extremely effective when they do. The rest of text approach is up to you. Good luck lads.

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