Social proof idea

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 Post subject: Re: Social proof idea
PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:36 am 
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hahahah!! Hiring a girl to approach you while on a date?!

I think this is absolutely ridiculous! But I'm GENUINELY curious about your results! Please let us know how that goes!

As far as the reward. . . I do not think it's worth it. I do believe it may get your date's curiosity up, and it may give you some social proof, but I don't think it's worth $70. At best your date will assume she has some competition and will try harder, at worst, she'll assume you're a normal male and know other girls. . . Not worth it either way.

But I have something similar. I had a female roommate for about a year, and she was hot, too. She would also walk around the house naked literally all the time. So when I would get a girl over, about ten minutes into the girl coming over my roommate would come out of her room - butt ass naked - to get orange juice, or ask me a question about bills or something, and then she'd introduce herself to the new girl over.

I think this helped me on a lot of levels. 1: It lets my date know that this is a safe place for girls, so safe in fact that you can walk around naked and be treated like a human being. 2: It lets my date know that being naked is comfy in my house. 3: It lets my date know that I'm so fucking cool I have naked girls randomly walking around naked. 4: It (possibly) makes my date want to step up her game, and compete with the hot female in the room.

Whether any of that is true or not is up for debate, it was just my thoughts at the time.

But what you can't argue is how GREAT it was to see the expressions on the girls faces when my nudist roommate would come strolling out of her room. It was truly wonderful.

 Post subject: Re: Social proof idea
PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:29 pm 
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No girl will bang you because you were with another girl. Clearly you need to stop looking for gimmicks and approach more.

These hos ain't loyal

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