Online chat report. Wehre did I fail? Your honest opinion.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:07 pm 
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Hello. Just had chat with a girl. Weve dated long time ago at summer campus (7 years ago), found her again by accident so pretty much dont know each other . I want you guys to say where did I fail. She has a BF (status) and I was conviniently doing other business while chatting so I posted with delays (if it helps you analyze? i dunno). All of the following is translated from russian (so meanings can be a bit shifted) :
Me - Hi, so many years and you didnt get old(=age), huh?) u still tell other boys you are 14? (because she lied to me about her age to attract me)
Her - ahaha))
- no)
- why?))
(small delay=up to 5 mins)
Me - So you look older)) (~more attractive)
Her - Hah, well now(=at this age, though she is only 20 now) it makes sense to lie that I am younger ))
( small delay)
Me - Nah) I like older girls)
- Stop. You speak russian now? (when we met earlier she spoke ukrainian only. Just genuine interest, not part of the game)
(almost instant)
Her - Emm) well I can speak both now) I guess I spoke only ukranian earlier )
Me - Well I see something out of place(~changed). I was wondering its either your lipstick either your language )
- You study now?
Her - Yes, university)
(small delay)
Me - what you studying? )
Her - System analysis) and you?
(small delay, following are simultaneous)
Me - Physics. But Im not gonna be physician - I have small company, quests )
Her - Cool))
Me - System analysis? ) Jesus, you like this stuff now? ) (she didnt earlier)
Her -Well after studying this I can do both programmig and analysis) Or economics - but those are boring )
(small delay)
Me - Wow, so you are pretty much IT-girl ) (I genuinly respected that)) )
- And where do you study (tried to find out the city she is in)
(small delay)
Her - Kiev (Bla-bla) Institute ) and you?
(BIG delay)
Me - Hell, Ukraine is just one big village) (cause after all we happened to be in the same city)
- Me at Kiev National University )
- Ok, i gtg) lets meet tomorrow at 7 near (bla-bla) mall)
(small delay)
Her - I see ) (I thought she related to the second of my last 3 messages, not last, but now I dunno)
- Sry, I cant tomorrow)
Me - Well, as you wish) Ok, bye, write me if you wanna chat )
(almost instant)
Her - ;)

So what do you guys think?

EDIT: damn, I think the invitation sucked all of the balls possible. I was in a hurry and rushed it. Anything else?

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